This is Why You Immediately Need a Dedicated Windows Server for Your Site

Dedicated Windows Server for Your Site

Have you just started with a website of your own or has it been just a few months? You may have started with just a 3-4 page online platform for the marketing of your business but you should be ready for an unexpectedly high response on your site. This is because the online market flourishes almost every second daily. 

All those looking for a brighter future online and working really hard to improve online traffic on their business portal are surely in need of a dedicated Windows Server provider. A dedicated server is directly offered to you as a personalised server to host your website. The server providers work closely with you to offer you the required disk space. The provider not only provides the dedicated serve but also maintains it, thereby eliminating the cost of purchase and maintenance. 

So, before delineating the reasons for a Windows Server, let us throw some light on why is there a need for Dedicated Server for your business.  

It’s all yours – Going for a dedicated server simply means that you’ll not have to face the hassle of other websites clogging your RAM. 

Better Security and Performance – Dedicated servers are not only reliable but stable too, especially when you are getting huge traffic on your website. At the same time, you are sure that you are not sharing space with any malicious website. 

A Unique IP Address – Now this is another advantage of a dedicated server where you get a unique IP address of your own. Sharing an IP with a spam or adult site may hamper your website performance, along with other issues.  

The best attribute of dedicated server is that you don’t have to shell out loads of money to buy any equipment and you still get a plethora of benefits. However, you will have to decide the type of dedicated server that matches your requirement. 

Here are a few reasons for choosing dedicated Windows Server for your site:

Best Data Security

Having a dedicated windows server for your site ensures the safety of your data without letting the other companies spy on them. Windows servers are well maintained and are less likely to crash, and this is one of the major reasons your data remains secure. The service providers offer round the clock support. So, in the worst of cases, if the server crashes ever, there is a team at the ready to assist you and retain normalcy within the least possible time. 

User-Friendly for Clients

Dedicated Windows Hosting Server is preferred by most amateur operators since it is easy to use and control on one’s own. The service providers allow access to many resources, which makes it easy for you to run your site without much hassle. At the same time, since these dedicated servers are used only by you and none other, they lead to ideal resource optimization.

Ideal for Microsoft Based Tools

A Windows dedicated server is compatible flawlessly with several Microsoft office based tools like Front Page which is required for web designing. It is also easier to transfer files in Windows dedicated server if you are using Microsoft platforms like Sharepoint, thereby making it convenient and less time consuming.

Compatible with Latest Technology

If your websites are developed on .NET technology, you really can’t do without a Windows dedicated server. With a user friendly interface, Windows dedicated servers ensure the hassle free experience of having a well-managed site. 

Over the recent years, there has been a significant increase in the demand for dedicated Windows servers. The rise of e-commerce sites and web engagement has led to huge traffic on the websites and all webmasters are becoming well aware of the need for a dedicated server. Buying the services of reputed companies is recommended so that you have end-to-end support and can focus on your business rather than on the myriad tasks related to the upkeep and maintenance of the server.

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