Best Practices for Storing Your Candle Treasures and Wax Melts

Best Practices for Storing Your Candle Treasures and Wax Melts

When running your own business, making sure you have enough stock available to your clients is important. In addition, it is also crucial to know how to properly store your items. If you do not stock your candles and wax melts properly, you could face many issues and problems.

A proper stocking strategy can increase the longevity of your products. In addition, they can build trust with their clients by maintaining their quality.

You will lose people's trust if you constantly change the way your products function so they can be more reliable and efficient. So, what can be done to avoid this?

The following tips will guide you on how to store wax melts and candles.

The Best Way To Maintain Wax Products

How you store your products is more important than where you store them in the storing process. If you are going to store wax products in your home, there are a few things you should always keep in mind. Some of these are:

Keep Wax Products Away From Kids

You may not think this is necessary, but pets and children should never have access to wax products. There is a risk of mistaking wax melts for edible items, especially when they are soft and light in color.

Therefore, they should not be stored in places where children can reach them. The best way to accomplish this is with cupboards with locks. As a second tip, make sure that you follow proper lifting methods if you are storing your wax products at height.

Items with a higher weight, such as rigid candle boxes packed with heavy candles must be stored at maximum leg height. The product in these heavy boxes will lose its position if you place them higher. 

Keeping The Temperature At A Healthy Level

It is crucial to choose the right temperature when storing wax products. If you leave your candles or wax melts at a place that is too hot, the wax will melt or leak.

On the other hand, cold temperatures may cause cracks and breaks. It will also affect the burn time and product quality if you continue to change the storage temperature.

You should keep them together as long as possible at the same place. You should store any wax product at a temperature no higher than 28°C in a cool, dry place if you want the best finish.

Also, avoid direct sunlight when storing your products. As a result, the color will bleach or fade.

Rotating Your Stock

Be sure to rotate your stock often when you're storing anything for retail. It's best to place older candles and wax melts near the front since they'll be used first. When stock is not rotated, it can become dusty, smelly, and then neglected. 

Candle Storage Tips At Home

After covering the basics of securing your products and storing them, we'll look at packaging to make them even more durable.

It depends on the candles you sell and what packaging you use. The purpose of this section is to look at two main types of storage and how to store them.

Storage Tips For Scented Candles

Covers Or Lids 

It is best to use a lid on your candles to prevent dust and debris from gathering on them, which may affect their initial burn. As soon as your candle is opened, the lid can maintain the correct fragrance levels.

Storage Boxes

When it comes to maintaining the quality of your candles, choosing the right storage box is crucial. The best containers to use are big plastic ones with lids. You can also keep your products clean with these, as they are waterproof.

Use Tissue Barriers

It is important to store your candles without scratching or marking them. Make sure each product has its own barrier by using tissue or cardboard.

Storage Tips For Pillar Candles

A pillar candle is not sealed in a protective box like a scented candle. So, keeping them at home requires extra care.

If your candles are covered in tissue paper, they will not stick together or develop damage marks. Candles will be easier to remove later from storage since the wax stays protected.

Here Are Some Tips On Storing Wax Melts

How you store wax melts depends on its type. A wax melt in a clamshell or deli pot will already be packaged externally.

You should store these like scented candles so that they last longer. It's important to package your wax melts before storing them if you made them with a silicone mold. Most people choose glassine bags to store.

Ensure the quality of the wax melts by storing them in small segment boxes. In addition, wax melts should be stored upright in cabinets. Due to this, fragrance oils will not age unevenly.


After learning candle care secrets, it's time to apply them. Check your candles closely first. Keep the temperature and safety high, rotate your stock, and store the products properly.

The candles will now last longer, burn better, and create a warmer, cozier ambiance. You are creating a lasting experience every time you light a candle.

It's up to you now. This is a great opportunity to give your candles a higher quality and longer shine.

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