What Can You Do With a Vinyl Cutter?

Vinyl Cutter

A machine such as a vinyl cutter can go a long way for anyone who is looking to explore their creativity. This product will let you print phenomenal designs that will get tons of likes and shares on social media sites such as Pinterest and Instagram.  

Similar to a 3D printer, the vinyl cutter is, however, more affordable, and easy-to-use, which makes it the perfect choice for those who want to have simple fun, before moving on to more complex 3D models. The market offers are quite diverse and what remains is for you to choose the right one for you. The popular choice for a vinyl cutter seems to be between the Cricut Explore AIR 2 and Silhouette Cameo 3, which offer the best performance within an affordable price range. 

What can you do with a vinyl cutter? Tons of different things including drawing, cutting, and printing. Let’s go ahead and look at some of the great ideas that you can accomplish when using a vinyl cutter. 

Design and Create Apparel 

Have you ever wanted to design your own clothes and designer apparel? With a vinyl cutter, that idea is closer than ever before. The best thing about it? You will not need much more than the material you will be printing on and the cutting machine itself. Whether it is a T-shirt, jersey or a cap, you will be able to print out logos or pre-made designs on it, therefore creating your own unique apparel — perfect for if you are a part of a sports team or any volunteer organization. 

Unique House Motifs 

Did we not tell you that your house will look much better now that you own a vinyl cutter? You can print out different motifs to decorate your living space, which will give it a unique accent that people will fall in love with. Whether it is a huge letter ‘B’ that will suggest where the bathroom is, or it is some kind of vinyl wallpaper consisting of your favorite shapes and designs, the only thing that you need to do is heat press the design onto the canvas. All those signs and stickers are just waiting for you to print them out! 

Cut Out Woodwork 

If you are a parent you know how important it is to give your kids unique items that they will enjoy using. A common product such as a pencil box can be given a whole new look with some vinyl prints. Your kids will love it and you will have your daily dose of fun. Just be sure to check the instructions, as not all vinyl cutters work well with wood (we recommend Cameo 3 or Explore AIR 2).  

Party Cups 

What comes with fun? With a vinyl cutter, parties can become a unique experience as you will be able to make each one fascinating for both you and your friends, by printing out personalized and decorated party cups and caps! 

Print Out Seasonal Greetings Cards 

If you like to use cards as a part of a seasonal celebration, the vinyl cutter is the way to go. You can print out hundreds of different greeting and invitation card designs, whether pre-made or from your own illustration. 

Present a Project 

If you are working for a company that includes a lot of 3D modeling and you have just come up with a unique idea, a vinyl cutter may allow you to present your project. Instead of spending hours cutting and sticking everything using scissors and basic DIY equipment, you can simply draw out the design and watch it get printed by the Cameo 3 or Explore AIR 2. All you will need is the text, decals, adhesive as well as some creativity and time. 

Covers for Electronics 

Last but not least are all the great covers that you can create for an electronic device including mobile phones, laptops, and tablets. This is a cheaper and more reliable option than if you were to buy one every few months. Now you can create a custom cover, whenever the previous one gets damaged or boring. 


What can you do with a vinyl cutter? Hundreds of different things. Pinterest seems like a great place to get stocked up on unique ideas. We did our best to present you the potential of owning such a machine, and now it is your turn to go ahead and make the right choice. 

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