5 Top Tips for the Safe Storage of Your Household Items

5 Top Tips for the Safe Storage of Your Household Items

In ancient times, people used to store their things in the safety deposit at the bank and our grandparents used to bury the things under the soil. Today’s generation has made a better solution for keeping the belongings safe and secure. The old storage policies have been replaced with today’s self-storage techniques. It’s being very popular and people are adopting it because they want more room in their house. Some people want to shift to another location and that’s why using the units to keep everything safe. When using the storage, the only important thing for us is the safety and if you are confused in choosing the big or small self-storage unit, let me tell you the small units gives you the peace of mind and the cost for it can be merely the rental fee. People tend to store their jewelry also, thus security needs to be the prior thing. If you have costly furniture and want to store it safe also, you can use the big storage units. If your house is accumulated with lots of stuff and wants to free up some space, storage comes to your rescue. One thing you need to take care of is the weight of the things so that any company won’t charge you more. Below mentioned are some of the things that you need to take care of for the safe storage:


1. You can Choose Trusted Storage Unit

If you want to check the safety of the storage unit then the reputation of the company is enough to protect your property. You can check it on the search engine about all the local removal companies that can provide you the best services. You can check the companies reviews on various platforms. You can either take an idea from your friends and relatives that have recently used any of the removal company. There is no better option than your friends or relatives to ask from, as they won’t suggest you wrong. Or you can simply list out the company that has the best reviews. Kindly check if the company provides the proper security and 24*7 Cctv camera surveillance, gated entry and of course 24-hour access to your unit.


2. You Should Keep a Record of your Things

Before moving your things to the unit, make sure to list down all the things that you are taking there. This is important as you need frequent access to your unit and want it safe. You can take the pictures of the Self Storage units either when you are moving the things just as to record the condition of the unit. Anyhow if you are storing the electronics goods either, you need to note down the serial number just as to verify at the time when you are taking out the things from there.  Just be sure to list down all the items and the replacements in your inventory. Just in case, any of your belonging got damaged or theft, you can file a claim against it.


3. You Should Lock the Unit Securely

Do not depend all on the removal company for the security of your items, take the responsibility on your own of securing your things in the storage unit. For better security, some of the companies will offer you the locks. If you do not have any idea about the selection of the lock type, you can choose the one that is durable and is made up of high-quality steel. High quality is needed so that it cannot be removed by any of the bolt cutters. You can also choose the padlock and the chain for better storage. Whatever lock you choose, you need to make sure that it should be temper proof and cannot be affected by any of the cutters. This is the prior thing you need to take extra effort on.


4. You need to Check Environmental Protection

When you are about to rent a storage unit, make sure units are sealed and secured to prevent any damage from the elements. You can cross-check from the company the actions they must consider to keep the things safe from the harsh climate changes. If they won’t satisfy you with their answers and you are not convinced, I advise you to choose the climate control storage. This type of storage will make sure not to provide any kind of damage to your belongings. This type of unit will cost you a bit high but will save your things.


5. Check for the  Insurance

The most important thing you need to ask from the removals company is insurance. If they are offering you the insurance, make sure not to miss any of the line stated in the document. Some facilities would not offer you the insurance policy, in this case, you need to ask for it and discuss all your points. And if the storage facilities providing you the insurance and are asking from you extra money, you can always opt-out to pay a little extra to secure your goods. This will lead you to claim for your belongings if any of the things are damaged in storing.

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