8 Late Night Road Trip Essentials You Simply Must Pack


Overnight road trips add convenience since you don't have to be as concerned with traffic and congestion as you head through cities and towns. But, they also bring a new dimension to the table as you may struggle to stay awake and alert. Sometimes, the little things can make the trip a little easier so you arrive at your destination safely and maybe even enjoy the ride there. 


1. A Cell Phone

This is one of the most crucial devices on a late-night road trip. Your cell phone is like a traveling multi-function tool. You can use it for any number of things, including:

  • Calling for help in the case of an emergency, breakdown, or accident
  • Finding the best route to your destination
  • Avoiding traffic congestions
  • Calling a friend to talk to if you are starting to feel tired and alone
  • Locating rest stops, hotels, gas stations, and restaurants along the way
  • Streaming music from your favorite site

Having a cell phone handy won't do you any good if the battery dies, though. Pack a charger and a battery bank or two in your bag just in case. This way you know you'll have power, even if your car breaks down and you can't use it to recharge.   


2. Healthy Snacks 

Fast food may be the stuff most road trips are made of, but your body would appreciate the addition fo some healthy snacks during any road trip. They can help keep you feeling your best, and when chosen well can add a boost to energy levels. So, the next time you are hitting the road late at night, pack a cooler full of cut-up veggies, fresh fruit, crackers, and pretzels. Add in some hard-boiled eggs, rice cakes, peanut butter, and even a grain bowl and you will have a few light meals, too. 


3. Cold Drinks

Dehydration can quickly sap your energy and focus, and you'll need both to be at peak levels to travel through the night. Keep a ready supply of cold water in your cooler or a thermos. A refillable water bottle can always be topped off at rest stops. You'll get to avoid actually drinking directly from the water fountains but still get free water. 

Infuse your water with some fresh fruit. Citrus tends to help energize if you think you will be lagging. Purchasing a few bottles of vitamin-infused or coconut water can help give your electrolyte levels steady, too. 


4. Assorted Candy

This does not run counter to the healthy snacks, really and truly. Instead, it is an emergency stash for when you need a burst of sugar to get to the next rest area or if your hotel is within thirty minutes or so. A single candy car or bag of skittles can have close to 50 grams of sugar, and that should get you at least a little further without worrying about dozing. If you are a planner and would prefer a healthier way to get an energy boost, check out the vital reds reviews to see how it helps people feel more energized and healthier. 


5. An Upbeat Playlist

Podcasts and audiobooks have their place in the car, but music can also help keep you going strong. The right playlist for your road trip will help keep you singing and laughing with the music as the miles fly by. Choose music that helps you feel energized and upbeat to help keep the mood light in your car. If you are traveling with others, make sure they have some input, too. 


6. Complete Directions

Using your GPS, cell phone, or in-car navigation system for directions is an excellent way to get around. And, in populated areas with great cell or wifi service you should be fine. If your travels are taking you anywhere that you may lose reception, you will want to have a downloaded version of those directions. A paper map is another great idea to keep in the car, just in case, although they are getting harder to find. 


7. A First Aid Kit

This is pretty self-explanatory. From pain medication for a headache to first aid supplies in case of an accident, you want to have a first aid kit along for your road trip. Buy a premade one designed to be kept in vehicles or take a few minutes to put together a custom one. 


8. A Pillow and Blanket

Let's face it, not all road trips are successful. In the event that you need to pull over at a (safe and well-lit) rest stop for a quick nap, having a pillow and blanket along will make it more comfortable. 

More people are embracing road trips as a fun way to bond and spend time together, not to mention get where they want to go. Having the right supplies along can make the trip safer and more enjoyable.

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