8 Essential Skills for Angular Web Developers

Skills for Angular Web Developers

The Angular JavaScript framework allows it to develop single-page and multi-page web applications. This versatility makes Angular an essential skill for any web developer to have under their belt, whether you're building a site from scratch or updating an existing one.

The following eight skills are part of the standard Angular web developer toolkit. Each one will allow you to make the sites more dynamic and user-friendly by improving both the front-end and back-end components of your development process.

Let's look at 8 essential skills every Angular developer needs to succeed. Whether you're brand new to web development or have years of experience, knowing these skills will serve you well going forward, whether you focus on Angular development exclusively or branch out into other frameworks and languages too.

8 Important Skills Should have for the best Angular developer

1) Routing 

Routing is essential in any application that uses navigation between different views. In a SPA (Single Page Application), it is used to define how you navigate from one page to another, rather than defining multiple links on a single page.

For Angular developers, It's essential to understand how routing works in your application, particularly if you want users to be able to bookmark and share specific pages.

2) Dependency Injection

Angular web developers need to master dependency injection, a design pattern that allows you to inject code dependencies (also known as services) into classes via constructor functions. 

Dependency injection works exceptionally well with Angular services, and Angular relies on dependency injection for almost all of its core components and functionality. As such, you need to be familiar with how dependency injection works in Angular.

3) Templating

When writing a large app or website, developers probably have to use templating at some point. Templating allows you to embed HTML inside your code and access it with variables. 

This can dramatically reduce your coding time, especially if you're building a complicated page with multiple elements, such as dropdown menus and other features. Templating skills can benefit your development process by saving a lot of time and effort.  

4) Data Binding

Mastering data binding is one of those critical skills you'll want to possess as an Angular developer. Data binding allows you to declaratively sync your data models with HTML templates and DOM elements—all without writing a line of JavaScript. This simplifies both design and development, reducing errors caused by miscommunications between designer and developer.

5) Event Handling

The event handling functions that Angular allows developers to write less code and focus on more important features of their applications. If you're familiar with other web frameworks, such as Backbone or Ember, you'll find similarities in how events are handled in Angular.

 It's easier to understand how event handling works if you have some basic knowledge of JavaScript; if you are new to JavaScript, it might be a good idea to learn about variables and loops before going over event handling.

6) MVC/MVVM Architecture

The idea behind an MVVM architecture is that each app component has its distinct model, view, and controller. This means each application component can be written independently of any other component and doesn't share any code. You would use an MVC or MVVM architecture to write these components in Angular.

7) Testing Frameworks

While unit testing is vital to any developer's toolbox, it's not always easy to know where to start. Try using a popular open-source testing framework, such as Jasmine or Mocha, to avoid spending all day writing tests. 

With these tools, coders can quickly start writing tests for your application and focus on creating features without getting bogged down by writing tests from scratch.

8) Effective Code Documentation

Creating documentation as you go will help you write better code when writing code. One of your main goals should be to create a product that can be easily maintained and extended by others. The documentation will help with that, but it also means you'll think more carefully about how your code can be used differently or partner with an Angular web development agency.


There's no one way to be an Angular developer. But there are a few core concepts and techniques that every aspiring or current web developer should know. To get you up to speed, we've identified eight essential skills and put them together in a handy guide, accessible below.

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