Free JavaScript Frameworks for Web Applications

Free JavaScript Frameworks

Web Application Development Services make use of the different frameworks. Here, we will discuss some of the best ones available free of cost. 

JavaScript is referred to as a programming language based on a browser that works on the client-side. It implies that any code that writes down in JavaScript is delivered with the web pages. While the scripts you write work from the users' browser instead of directly on the server that works on the web page. 

There are conditions where it works as an amazing solution for adding good features in web design but there are many situations where using JavaScript can harm the website performance. This programming language is extremely helpful to design amazing interfaces for websites integrated with infinite features and functionalities. JavaScript can assist with creating asynchronous requests to servers with the help of Ajax, changing the web pages at your end. 

Best Free JavaScript Frameworks Designed for Web Apps


AngularJS is called an MVC framework to define various ideas to properly systematize our web application. The application is defined with modules that can be interdependent. It boosts the HTML by attaching directives to your web pages with new attributes or tags and expressions to speak about powerful templates straight away in the HTML. 

It also sums up the behavior of your apps in controllers which are instantiated thanks to dependence injection. You can say thanks to the dependency injection, AngularJS assists you in structure and examines the Javascript code easily. At last, the code of the utility code can easily be grouped into various services that can be controllers injected. 


It is known as a renowned JavaScript Frameworks and has turned the top platforms with its native functionality. It enables the Swift development of templates with user-focused UI components that assists the flexibility and features of JS. However, one of the biggest challenges for web development is designing interactive websites. It makes sure unique user experiences inside an app. However, it will help you to conquer the limitations. It is user-friendly and uncomplicated, allowing developers to imagine their ideas into interactive, functional, and responsive web portals. 


Yet another lightweight, WebRx is having a size of 30kb at the time of optimization and minimization. Moreover, it allows web developers to increase the speed of the web development processes without making any compromise on functionality and quality. The JavaScript Framework is associated with special features, adding a Model-View-View-Model Framework (MVVM). It is made on the top of RX.js to let the right combination of functional and reactive programming patterns, they are friendly with the observable and declarative templating features, client-side routing, and binding of data. Moreover, it is easy to use for the app which is complex and fully functional. 


Ember.js is a favored choice of framework for its ease and smooth flow of functionality that gives phenomenal user knowledge. It is an MVC JavaScript framework that lets developers design difficult client-side apps. Essentially, the smart functionality takes several choices off your hands and lets you spend time and effort in the difficulty of web design and development. 

There are special features: automatic updates with data modifications with view engines and templates. It lets routing and model engines work right with RESTful API. Moreover, the framework is simple to use with special tutorials and guides from other expert developers to assist newbies to understand and make a beginning. 


Backbone assists in designing planned structured single-page websites or difficult UIs. It is lightweight and easily fits into a single JavaScript file and is perfect for companies looking to make simple websites or web apps with a smaller framework as compared to Angular. It is an MVC-type JavaScript Framework with modes and routing that can join to RESTful API. The router gives outstanding functionality to manage the URLs, and the platform specifies views with declarative usage skills.

The framework used by Web Application Development Services also assists with the structuring of the data when creating client-side web applications with the help of JavaScript. Pinterest, BitTorrent, and FourSquare are the best examples of websites planned with Backbone.js JavaScript Framework.

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