7 Ways to Save Money When Travelling to the UK This Holiday Season

7 Ways to Save Money When Travelling to the UK This Holiday Season

The UK is a beautiful country to travel in with an abundance of historical sites, modern buildings, exciting events and beaches to boast. While many that it can cost a lost to travel through the UK in the holiday season, it isn’t always so.

There are some tips through which you can save some money in different aspects of your travel and complete your UK trip under a decent budget. Let’s see some of the best hacks and tips on the best way to travel all around the UK without burning a massive hole in your bank account.

1. Have a Clear Day-to-Day Plan
The thrill of the last-minute adventure cannot top anything, but when you want to enjoy your UK trip comfortably without costing a lot, then a thorough plan is the only option. Decide on the places you want to visit and plan the events and locations down to the last detail along with the corresponding dates. Find out cheap and safe accommodations beforehand to ensure you avoid the last minute surges. Plan the modes of travel, food and the route you will take on a piece of paper or online and follow it religiously on the trip.

2. Try to Avoid Places on Peak Times
There are some events in the UK for which people from all over the UK and sometimes, Europe may stock together to a particular place to celebrate and enjoy. It is always essential to avoid these places during such peak times to ensure that you don’t end up paying double or triple the usual rates.

In case if you are planning to visit the place just to attend the event, then book your accommodation, get the tickets for the events and plan the transportation a few months before to avoid paying exorbitant rates.

3. Save Money on Accommodations
With a lot of technological developments, you can easily find a decent place to crash at night, which is half the rate of how much a hotel will charge. If you are traveling alone, then couch surfing is an option that many travelers opt for; else you can go for renting apartments, a single room at apartments or cottages for a few days. This is also an excellent chance to interact with the locals, eat the local food and find out new places to visit and pocket-friendly options to travel and eat.

If you are open to staying in caravans, there are some caravan sites along the banks where you stay with the locals for cheap rates and become one among them and enjoy the local music scenes there.

4. Eat Well at Minimum Cost
When you are traveling, you will probably book the stay and some portion of the transportation. The one thing that remains is the food and this is one area where we tend to spend more than we realize. Saving a few pennies on food each day could amount to a considerable sum. 

When you are renting out rooms from local people, you can easily get some homecooked food for breakfast or request to get lunch and dinner for a cheap rate than what you will have to pay at the restaurants. When you are traveling through the villages and small towns in the UK, you can get the local fruits at discounted rates and may even eat a delicious meal at the homes of local people for a penny. Stock up some of those fruits and eat them whenever you are hungry.

Try out the sample food sections and eat free as much as you can. Eat lunch the best and keep your breakfast and dinner to a minimum. You can also bring some staples from your local stores that cost a lot cheaper, like bread and jam and eat it for breakfast. 

There are several ways to cut down your spending on food, but it all depends on how much efforts you are ready to take. 

5. Pre-Book Airport Transfer Chauffeur Service for Travelling from Airport to the City
When you land in the UK and have to reach the first destination, it is best to hire an airport transfer chauffeur service to reach the location conveniently. Unlike most people think, the chauffeur services in the UK are affordable when you pre-book it. Make sure to get multiple online quotes from different cab services, compare the cost before choosing one. 

Since you will be tired from the travel, you can also get some shut-eye during the cab ride and can start visiting the places on the checklist without any delay.

6. Make Use of Discount Coupons 
For travel, food, and stay, there are a lot of online discounts that you can use to save some money. Surf online, find out such websites and avail these discounts. If you know someone who has traveled to the UK, you can ask them for tips on how to travel. They probably will give you a lot of practical insights to save your money at specific locations.

There are some online companies which provide offers and discounts on food and stay for buying their membership at a low cost. Calculate if this works for you and make use of these memberships.

7. Use Cheap Public Transportation
Instead of cruising on the car through Europe, you can make use of buses and trains in the UK. 
You can buy BritRail Pass which is sold outside the UK. It would be best if you bought this pass before you leave for the UK and can use this for unlimited travel in the UK. BritRail Pass is best for round travel as the one-way travel can be a bit pricey comparatively. You can make use of the Megatrain if you can compromise a bit on the timing. You can get tickets for as low as £1!
Similarly, the bus routes are also another cheap travel option and are also swift. You can hop on a Megabus and travel to Scotland in just a couple of hours from the UK.
If you are ready to go one step ahead, you can even hitchhike through the UK!

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