6 Best Card Games for Kids

Card Games

What do you want to play? Come on, we will let you choose the one you want from the best card games for children that we are going to tell you. They are card games for children from 3 years, 5 years for all ages. What's great? These can serve as games for children's parties, to have fun at your pajama party or on any occasion. Run and take note of these simple card games for all audiences!

A jungle in the living room

For this type of card game for children, we need some euro cent coins. In a jungle in the hall, each player chooses we have to choose the sound of a different animal. Once we have all learned it, we distribute the letters for girls and boys one by one. When two players have the same cards - two jacks, two sevens or two aces - each of us will have to make the opposite noise. Whoever does it before takes one coin from the other? The one with the most coins will win when all the cards have been dealt with.

Small builders

Small builders is not an easy task. You know why? Because it is one of the best card games for children that requires more skill and patience. Of course, it is super entertaining! We have to build a tower of cards. To achieve this, we place two cards forming an equilateral triangle concerning the base, then adding more cards, always in pairs. When we have the base, build the floor of the next floor placing new cards. At each level of ascent, we must place one less triangle so that our tower decreases. We start with three floors and gradually expand our construction. I hope you have a good pulse!

The monkey

In this children's card game, a deck is used and it consists of forming pairs again. A card is removed from the deck without anyone knowing what it is and is set aside, then we deal with all the cards. We leave the cards that form a pair on the table and while we exchange the cards with the one next to us to continue forming pairs. Logically there is a player who will stay at the end of the game with a single card, with the cute, since his partner is not available.

The seafood dish

This is also popular game as like flashcards for toddlers. In the seafood dish begins to play the one with the five of gold’s placing it on the table. From there you can only place the cards that precede or follow the five of gold’s or also a five of any other suit. The objective is that we run out of letters as soon as possible.

The sad jack

The sad jack is one of the best card games for children for any of the children's events you have. We take one and take out all the jaws except for the cups. Now we distribute all the cards among the players that we are. We each have to form as many pairs as we can with our cards and place them on the table. In turn, each player draws a card from the player on our right. If we can, we have to form a new couple and steal again. If not, it's up to the player on our left to draw one of his cards. The loser is the one who keeps the jack of cups.

Each feather flocks together

Are you learning about the best card games for children that we are explaining to you? Remember that now we have to play. With each sheep with its partner, we have to place all the cards face down in four rows. Each player is authorized to raise two cards to try to form a pair (two three, two horses, two sevens. If we fail, we will flip those two cards and the turn will move to the next. If we find a pair, we will have a new opportunity to raise two more cards. The winner is the one who gets the most cards at the end of the game.

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