5 Ways to Make Your Workplace Safer


If you own or manage a business, the well-being of your employers should be a top priority. Whether you’re a small business or a multinational conglomerate, maintaining a healthy workforce is essential. As well as enabling your staff to be more productive, a safe workplace minimises your liability and protects you from litigation.

Fortunately, creating a safe working environment isn’t as difficult as you might think. To protect your business now, take a look at these five simple ways to make your workplace safer:

1. Identify potential hazards

Until you know what hazards are present, you won’t be able to take steps to mitigate them. This means carrying out comprehensive risk assessments. If you’re unsure what a risk assessment should involve, don’t hesitate to seek expert advice. With professional assistance, you can ensure that every aspect of your workplace has been thoroughly assessed.

In addition to this, it’s advisable to ask your employees for their opinions when it comes to safety. They’ll have a good insight into the potential dangers they face and be able to provide you with various ways in which the workplace can be enhanced.

2. Prevent pest infestations

Whether you operate from an office, a warehouse, or a factory, the problem of pests is ever-present. Don’t wait until there are visible signs of pests to take action. Instead, contact a pest control firm and ask them to take pre-emptive action. This will reduce the risk of pests entering the property and can save a significant amount of hassle by preventing infestations from occurring.

Remember – there are many different types of pests that can impact your workplace and they won’t necessarily be present inside your buildings. Birds are surprisingly dangerous in commercial settings and can put the safety of your employees at risk. With simple measures, like anti bird netting or bird scaring, you can keep your environment free from these types of pests.

3. Ensure employees take breaks

If people are overworked or under too much pressure, they are more likely to make mistakes. If employees are tired, for example, the risk of a workplace accident or injury increases significantly. You can prevent this by ensuring that your staff take regular breaks and have the opportunity to de-stress when they need to.

Allowing staff to take a break isn’t the same as making sure they do. A good manager or supervisor will notice when employees are pushing themselves too hard and will step in to encourage them to take a break. This has the added bonus of helping to increase their productivity, so your business can benefit in many ways when you insist that staff take adequate breaks.

4. Introduce a reward system

Most workplaces have safety protocols that should be followed at all times. In reality, however, employees can become complacent over time, which means safety regulations may not always be adhered to. Sadly, this can have tragic consequences and cause unnecessary accidents and injuries.

If you want to ensure that your staff is following the safety protocols you’ve put in place, make an effort to reward safe behaviour. When employees have an extra incentive to adhere to safety measures, they’re more likely to do so. This can be an easy and relatively low-cost way for you to significantly increase safety compliance in your workplace.

5. Invest in equipment

If you give your staff poor quality tools, they’re more likely to get hurt at work. Whether they’re using cranes, computers, or carpet tacks, your staff need the right equipment in order to perform their role to the best of their ability. While you don’t necessarily have to purchase the most expensive equipment, it is essential that staff have the right equipment.

Similarly, you’ll need to ensure that the workplace is properly equipped if you want staff to be able to operate safely. This means ensuring that employees have enough space to undertake their duties and aren’t performing repetitive motions that could cause subsequent injuries. The use of ergonomic office furniture, advice from occupational health experts and access to medical advice can help to ensure your employees are able to stay safe and maintain their efficiency in the workplace.

Creating a Safe Working Environment

By making safety a factor in every decision you make, you’ll find it easy to create a safer working environment. When the well-being of your employees becomes a default consideration, you’ll find that it’s built into the ethos of your firm. As a result, you’ll gain the trust and loyalty of your employees and protect your business at the same time.

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