3 Ways a SEO Services Agency can help in a Good Online Marketing Strategy


A good SEO strategy is your first step towards developing an online relationship with your customers. And it is also true that a SEO services agency can help you to formulate a proper plan. There are probably thousand and one ways to conjure a good SEO recipe. But often while working on the plan, we tend to overlook a few simple tips that can help in the website optimization process. Let’s check out a few simple rules that can make a major difference to any SEO plan.

Specificity is the key

If brevity is the soul of wit, then specificity is the soul of content. If your customers are misled by your convoluted SEO techniques which will land them in a page where they find nothing important, then they are sure to be disappointed. And that disappointment ultimately reflects on your rankings. Because even Google does not want their readers to be misled or harassed; if your readers are looking for specific information, give it to them. For that you need to make proper use of titles and name your pages accurately. If you are selling hand-stitched leather goods, it becomes meaningless to push it to the general category of leather goods. So, when leather connoisseurs search for an exclusive hand-stitched leather pouch, they are missing your product. If you know your targeted audience, then make your page relevant for them.

Think about your internal linking structure

Ask any SEO services agency and they will tell you that whenever a page is searched, the search engine spiders search it through links. And if you have forgotten to link a page of your site, it will not be indexed. A simple solution to this problem is to create a ‘flat’ link structure which means that you can navigate each and every page of the site within three clicks. It makes the search process easier both for the audience and the search engine spiders. Think of simple ways to create an easy navigation system for your readers. Do not tempt their patience, because as you know that readers have fleeting attention span and they might just want to move to some other site which can even be your competitor’s.

Knowing about search intent

Knowledge is power. Once you know the niche where your customers operate, it is easier for any SEO services agency to formulate a plan. Knowing the industry also helps them to match their SEO efforts. It is not only important to infuse the content with the right keywords; it is also crucial to match the keywords to the right target audience. This also means getting the right customers to the site. When you do your keyword research, you need to think about ‘search intent’.

So what is the function of search intent? This concept is more aligned on search queries. There are three kinds: transactional, informational and navigational. With a navigational search the readers intend to find a particular website. Like you type ‘Facebook’ instead of typing the URL; this means that the user has a specific site in their mind, and if you are not in that site you are not relevant. Those who are looking for information belong to the second group. The best way to target these customers is by providing high-quality SEO content which offers genuine and useful information to the readers. Transactional queries are made by those who have the intention to purchase a commodity or product like one searching for ‘iPhone 6s’ is definitely willing to make a buy, if they have the right kind of offer. Though it is difficult to target these customers, you can always take help of organic content like SEO strategies and optimized service or product pages.

Take note of all the possible ways to formulate a SEO campaign; but you should always know that there is no such thing as full-proof or perfect plan. You need a combination of many techniques to create a strategy which will be simple and at the same time effective.

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