15 Travel-Themed Room Decor Ideas to Fuel the Wanderlust

Map hanging

The travel freaks know how tough it is to not tour around the world. But sometimes you just can’t. At times, you can’t decide where you want to go next and at other, unfinished business disrupts the plans.

Well, whatever the reason is, you need to keep your inner traveler fueled. You can’t let the desires die and wanderlust wither. So, here are some ideas for room decor to keep you pumped for another adventure.

1. Travel-themed Wall Decals

Wall decals of exotic locations or travel-related thoughts can kick in some adrenaline for sure. Order some Paris off Etsy or pull a beach sunset moment from Amazon; whatever suits you.

2. Postcards Display

Postcards bought from the tourist supply shops, Polaroids clicked on a peak in Colorado or the first beach tour moments can all come in together to decorate your room. Hang multiple strings and form a chandelier or run a rope of photos along the wall to turn your room into a studio.

3. A Large World Map

A world map on the wall is a must-have for a travel freak. You can use it to pin the destinations you have visited or stick Post-its to note to-do for your next visit. Cork board, wood as well as large metallic world maps are available online for your convenience.

4. Passport Stamp Stickers

Passport Stamps all around the wall might be the motivator you’re looking for to embark on your next adventure. Well, get some sticker sheets from Amazon, check out Pinterest or xerox a few pages from your passport itself. Show them off!

5. Travel Souvenirs Shadow Boxes

DIY shadow boxes to hold coins, currencies and ticket stubs from every country you visited can be a good piece for home decor. You can put them on the table or hang around a world map on the wall. Have a few empty boxes on display to compel you to travel sooner.

6. Travel-themed Canvas Prints

Your favorite vacation photos printed on a large canvas or canvas wall hanging of your dream destination can brighten up the walls as well as your mood. So, start researching for the best choice.

7. Vintage Suitcase Stack

A few vintage suitcases sourced from the Brooklyn Flea or your grandfather can tone up your room without much hassle. Paint them to match your room or stack them up in a corner just like that; they look good either way.

8. Travel Destination Art Posters

Landscape paintings or posters of iconic monuments around the world fit well into the room of a traveler. Eiffel Tower, Taj Mahal or Kremlin, whatever you love, put them all up on the wall.

9. Personalized Printed Cushions

Your food for travel-thoughts doesn’t need to reside on a table, wall or shelf. With custom-printed travel-themed cushions, you can fuel your globetrotting mind even while sleeping. Bed sheets with an ocean theme or desert theme will team up well.

10. A Travel Scrapbook

A scrapbook filled with travel ideas, adventure to-dos and photogenic moments is a must-have travel accessory for a backpacker. And when at home, keep your scrapbook by the bedside so that you can plan your next escape into the wild anytime.

11. Four Wall Hanging Clocks

Four clocks on the wall for four different cities can add a classy business touch to your room. And the setup can also help you outline travel itineraries without feeling lost in the time-zones.

12. World War Bombers and Pirate Ships

A traveler’s room without planes and ships doesn’t look normal. Pull out that cruise ship model you brought from the Caribbean and get hold of some antique bomber plane models. Pair them up together.

13. Cars and Campers

Cars, bikes, campers, RVs… You can never get enough of them to fill up your room. They’re the saviors for a traveler in despair. Whether you’re fond of NYC's iconic yellow taxis or London’s black cabs, line them all on a shelf. You can even buy mini tuk-tuks off eBay.

14. Traditional Hats

If you’re a connoisseur of hats, buy the decorative headwear you would like to wear next. An Afghani Karakul or a French Beret on your table might stimulate the inner desires and give the push to book the tickets.

15. A Globe?

Yes, your room decor can never be complete without a globe in there. It doesn’t matter whether you put an actual globe on the table or have a globe-shaped lamp or a globe-shaped clock or any accessory that looks like a globe; you need at least one.

Those were the 15 room decor ideas for a traveler. They will help you arrange your favorite moments and also inspire you to travel more.

What else have you tried out? Let me know in the comments.

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