13 Ways You Can Repurpose Household Items

In past decades, it was common to fix what that got broken or no longer worked. Today, our society has made a habit of quickly replacing products at the slightest sign of a defect or scratch, which has significantly increased the amount of waste that accumulates each year. Most purchased items are thrown away within six months. To reduce the amount of waste generated and care for the planet, there are a few alternate uses for common home items.

1. Plastic Straw
Colorful drinking straws can be used to prevent too much water from coming into contact with the flower stems in a vase. Use straws either in bright colors or those that blend in with the stems to extend the lifespan of your flowers and allow them to thrive.

2. Mouse Pads
Mouse pads can be used in more ways than what they were originally intended for. They can also be cut into fun designs and coaster shapes. The material is durable and will prevent moisture from coming into contact with the surface of a coffee table. The pad is also an insulator of heat and will prevent hot cups or mugs from damaging your tables. There is a number of different color mousepads, which can also make it easy to create decorative trivets to use in the kitchen.

3. Rubber Bands
Rubber bands are a household item that is extremely versatile and can be used in a number of ways. They were originally patented in 1845 and continue to be used for their ability to bind different items. Use rubber bands on glassware if you have children around, because their little fingers will need a better grip. At children’s parties, use different color rubber bands to mark each individual child’s glass. In the summertime or spring, you can wrap them around hangers to prevent light shirts or blouses from slipping off.

4. Bread Box
Although bread boxes were commonly used in the '80s and '90s, they are now somewhat outdated, but a new purpose is all it needs to make them cool again. Upcycle your bread box by turning it into a charging station for smartphones and tablets. Drill holes in the back where the cords can fit through and insert an MDF board as the divider. Label each slit to make it easy to find each charger.

5. Toilet Paper Roll
Instead of tossing out old toilet paper rolls, use it to suck up dust and dirt in windows and doors by placing it over the nozzle of the vacuum cleaner.

6. Plastic Bottles
Ever been a student away on college or moved to a new home? Cutlery may be hard to find in all that mess. Make your own forks, spoons and knives out of old plastic bottles that are lying around the house. You can bend the plastic and create smooth edges by using a lighter.

7. Lotion and Shampoo Bottles
A common inconvenience in the home is having your phone lie on the floor as it charges next to an outlet. Use a lotion or shampoo bottle that will fit your device, decorate it as you wish and cut a hole at the top you will use to hang that charging station.​

8. Old Trays
Create a vintage setting in your home by displaying old food trays on the walls, which will give your kitchen or dining room that antique and eclectic look everyone who visits will be jealous of.

9. Cheese Graters
You can create a work of art out of old graters by nailing the kitchen tool to a wood plank and turning it upside down to use as light sconces or lampshades. The innovative product will look unique in your home and stand out in the kitchen or dining room.

10. Old Frames
Take out the matting and glass in old frames to use the product as a necklace or earring holder. Install hooks on the frame to hold necklaces and old lace or thread where earrings can be secured.

11. Old Chairs
Instead of tossing out old chairs that are no longer used, transform the standard household item into a flowerpot holder after adding a fresh coat of paint.

12. Changing Tables
Parents sometimes have a difficult time separating from all their kids’ essentials like toys, strollers and the like. Create a decorative wine cart out of the old changing table that is no longer used in nurseries, but which will stay with you for a long time to come.

13. Outdated Computers
With the right safety equipment and tools, you can transform outdated computers into fish tanks. Remove the CRT, make a plexiglass tank and add a large hole at the top of the monitor as an access panel. Use aquarium sealant used after removing the wires, fill the tank and watch your screen saver come alive.

Upcycling home items will allow you to reuse household products that can contribute to the functionality of decor of your home. The items may be considered junk, but you can transform them into one-of-a-kind treasures. Think about how you can create something new out of old valuables and prevent more products from being sent to the junk yard.


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