11 Tips for Packing Well & Making Your Move Enjoyable

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Packing everything up when you’re in the middle of a move can easily become stressful. How do you keep track of everything? What if something gets lost in the process? Use the following tips to make your packing process more efficient.

Make the Commitment

Packing is an area where it’s easy to become sloppy. You might be tempted to throw stuff into boxes haphazardly because it feels quicker that way. Don’t make this mistake. Instead, make the commitment to learn a few hacks that help everything stay organized. You’ll be happy you did when you reach your final destination and can find everything effectively.

Keep Items in Dresser Drawers

You can avoid taking clothes and other possessions from drawers and finding boxes for everything. Simply keep it all inside the drawers on moving day. Secure your items by wrapping plastic wrap around the drawers. If the dresser isn’t too heavy, you can even keep all drawers intact and simply wrap the dresser itself.

Leave All Clothes on Their Hangers

Taking clothes off hangers, folding them, placing them in boxes, taping the boxes and then reversing the whole process at your new home is time intensive and annoying. Skip the entire process. Leave clothes on their hangers, group them together, place them in big garbage bags and hang it all up inside a wardrobe box,

Use Towels & Other Soft Objects Effectively

Instead of packing towels and linens separately, use them to wrap up anything that might break easily:

  • Perfume bottles
  • Glasses
  • Lamps
  • Vases

Small glass items can go straight into socks, for example. Towels will cushion larger breakables. Dish towels can wrap around knives or other sharp objects in the kitchen.

Make Better Use of Those Pots

Put small kitchen items inside your pots. Kitchen gadgets and spices will fit in pots and other sealable containers. It saves space and avoids unnecessary boxes.

Avoid Spills With Plastic Wrap

Plastic wrap is a great tool to wrap items that might spill with. For example, wrap shampoo bottles, cleaning supplies, soap dishes, etc in plastic wrap so nothing spills on other important possessions.

Create an Essentials Bag

A moving essentials bag is imperative. Use a small suitcase or duffle bag and put inside all the items you’ll need quick access to during the move. Include things you’ll want to access immediately upon arriving at the new home, too. Your essentials bag should include items like your key organizer, medications, basic toiletries, vital documents, cell phone chargers, a few changes of clothes, etc.

Use Your Suitcases

Do you have empty suitcases, especially ones with wheels? Fill them up with heavy items and wheel them into the rented moving truck instead of carrying heavy boxes.

Use Color Codes

Assign each room in your house with a specific color. Then, buy a sheet of colored stickers. Slap the stickers on everything that leaves the room so you’ll know exactly where everything goes when you’re inside the new home.

Use Your Camera

Don’t close up and tape boxes until you take out your camera and snap a quick picture of the contents. This will help you remember what’s inside each box. You won’t be able to see every single item in each box but the pictures should jog your memory enough. This eliminates the need to rip open random boxes looking for important items.

Photograph Behind the Television

Isn’t it a hassle trying to remember how you had your TV hooked up at the new home? Take all the hassle out of it by taking a picture of all the wires prior to unplugging everything. You’ll now easily see how to replicate the old setup.

Packing doesn't need to be stressful. Use the above tips and make the experience more enjoyable and productive.

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