10 Steps To Improve Your Relationship


Any relationship, whether it is with your spouse, children, family or friends, requires nurturing throughout the span of the association. Though there are no fixed ‘To Dos’ to ensure that our relations not just sustain but develop into a stronger bond, there are a few principles that can be followed to foster the affiliation with others.

Take out time: This is most important for any relationship to sustain. Be it partner, children, family or friends, there is a need to give them due importance and spend time with them and share life with them. Do not be engaged in the gadgets when specifically time has been taken out time for them.

Show your love with action: It is also essential to express feelings by not just using words but by action. Remember things that are important for them, listen to them or doing something special for them once in a while.

Realistic expectations: We tend to have many expectations from the people around us, like from spouse to romance us every day or from our friends to fit in our plan or from our children to listen to us. The unrealistic expectations not only overwhelms the person bearing the burden of expectations but makes one unhappy when they are not met.

Respect: One cannot have a successful relationship with a person one does not respect. Not only adults but children or our subordinates demand respect if we need to have a well-meaning connection with them. Each and every person has their own strengths and weaknesses. It is important to respect for their positives and not judge them for their faults. On the other hand, one should also get due respect from the other person.

Support: Life throws many curve balls and at a time when anyone amongst your family or friends hit a low, your job is to support them, at least emotionally. Your words of encouragement at that time go a long way in cementing your relationship with them.

Communication: All associations hit a rough patch and it is essential to discuss with the loved one as what is going wrong with the relationship. Try not to use harsh words or be overly critical. Discuss the problem calmly and also be open to what the other person has to say.

Forgive and forget: Do not remember every single fault of the partner and learn to let go of at least unimportant events when the person fumbled. In case of major issues, try to resolve them calmly and post that don’t keep bringing it up against the loved one. It is essential that both be at peace to start afresh.

Accept your mistakes: Everyone makes mistakes. It is possible that one has been too punitive or not been around when required. It is best to accept mistakes and make up to the partner. One will always be appreciated for honesty and will gain the trust of your partner.

Remember oneself: Do not get lost in a relationship and remember both the people are the important half of that association. It is important to spend time together but one also need time for oneself, for hobbies and for friends.

It is not a goal: Lastly, it is not essential to maintain a relationship even though it is too negative or abusive in spite of the best efforts. One is better without such an association.

Our relationships are an important aspect of our lives and it is important to cherish them, be it with a family member, partner, colleagues or even with our staff as they bring in much-needed happiness in our lives. Hopefully, the above tips will help you achieve harmony in all your associations.

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