Your Home Installation of Gas Cooking and Gas Appliances

Gas Cooker

The correct mode of setting up gas in your presently all-electric home might seem quite complicated, the truth is, installing a gas range to your home could be simpler than you had ever realized. As a new LPG consumer, let us assist you with a methodical and comprehensive guideline on exactly how it is possible to efficiently install gas in your home. The following are the simple measures that will give you guidance on how to install gas.

Choose your appliance

Start by determining the type of gas devices and appliances you are looking to have installed in your home. There are various types of LPG gas available in the market, offering you a wide range to select from including, gas stoves, gas cookers, gas ovens, and gas cooktops. It is of significant importance to keep in mind the cooktops of any LPG appliance you consider, the cooktops usually are of a cut-out size of about 20-40mm. A cooktop that is slightly larger, if not equal to your current cooktop allows for a better fit onto your bench top because of the possibility of trimming. It is therefore recommended to choose a cooking appliance consisting of a slightly larger cooktop.

Pick your gas supplier

For a gas cooker installation, the gas fitter needs to know exactly where to order the gas cylinders or bottles, and you will need to choose a preferred gas supplier from among the numerous available providers, plus the mode of delivery you prefer. The available options for gas delivery are automatic tanker delivery and bottled gas delivery, with the automatic tanker delivery as a favorite for LPG consumers because it lacks complications and issues.

Choose a licensed gas fitter

Choosing a licensed gas fitter with an extensive experience in LPG fittings is of utmost importance for the installation of your preferred appliances. How to install a gas cooker and the installation of gas fireplaces is especially challenging to most of the gas fitters.

The installation process of your gas fittings and appliances

The licensed gas fitter will set up the gas service pipes, connectors, as well as regulators, and then proceed to the connection and installation your gas appliances, including the little plumbing work that might require doing. Because the different types of LPG affect the placement of gas bottles differently, ensure you make the licensed gas fitter aware of what type of LPG you have selected.

Safety Concerns

For an easier detection of gas leakages, an additional chemical gives the typically odorless LPG gas a unique odor, almost similar to that of rotting eggs. Although LPG gas is non-toxic, it can cause dizziness and nausea due to the reduced oxygen levels in the air and asphyxiation in extreme cases. Because of the dangers gas leakages pose, here are some recommendations for whenever you smell gas.

• Calmly open all the doors and windows.

• Refrain from lighting any form of fire.

• Abstain from turning on or off any electric appliances, devices or switches.

• Check your gas appliances to confirm they are all off.

• Immediately contact your bottled gas suppliers.


To ensure you do not run out of gas, particularly for the bottled gas users, here are a few steps to follow;

• Go for a reliable LPG supplier who offers gas check alerts.

• Frequently check your gas cylinders.

• After your first bottle of gas is depleted, immediately order another one.

• During the winter season, it is better to order earlier because of the increased usage that might cause a slight delay in delivery.

• If you install more gas appliances, increase your checking frequency.

• In case you have only one gas bottle, ensure you purchase a second one.

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