Why You Should Include Video Marketing in Marketing Budget?

Video Marketing

Video marketing is no longer just a buzzword. It is a marketing technique that has made a place for itself in the market and is here to stay. The reason for marketers employing video marketing is that the audience is more receptive to video content than any other type of content.

Stats reveal that video marketing has a huge impact on the audience.

Here are some interesting video marketing facts:

53% of the audience engages with a brand after watching a video on social media. (Source: Smart Insights)

88% of marketers are satisfied with their social media video marketing ROI. (Source: Smart Insights)

72% of the audience prefer video over text when learning about a product or service. (Source: Smart Insights)

With the rising popularity of video content, it has become a force to reckon with. And, video marketing cannot be ignored if you want to stay competitive in today’s marketplace.

What exactly is video marketing?

Simply put, video marketing is a marketing strategy that integrates videos in a marketing campaign.

Video marketing can be used for brand building, promoting your brands or services, etc. It has also proved to be effective for building relationships with the audience.

Video marketing is one of the most effective ways to present “how-to” videos, promote customer testimonials, live-stream of events, etc.

Why should you include video marketing in your marketing campaign?

1. It is what your audience wants

We are living in a customer-driven market where it is necessary to cater to the demands of the audience. And, the audience prefers to watch videos over other types of content. This is affirmed by Hubspot Research which indicates that more than 54% of the audience want to watch videos over other content types(such as email, blogs, social images, etc.)

2. Video Marketing helps build trust

This is because video marketing offers transparency and your audience can peek into your brand. They can know who you are and this helps them connect to your brand.

3. Boosts SEO

If video marketing is done correctly, it has the potential to boost your web traffic. It facilitates building backlinks to the site, boosts likes and shares and drives traffic to your site.

Since YouTube is owned by Google, it is a good idea to post videos on YouTube and tag them with relevant keywords.

4. Helps in Conversion

Stats reveal that including the word “video” in the subject line of the email campaign has the potential of increasing the open rates by 19%.

You can include videos on the landing page of your website as well as this can improve conversion rates. This is corroborated by the fact that 90% of the buyers feel that videos help them make buying decisions. (Source: Forbes)

5. Videos are versatile

Videos can be created according to the buyer’s journey. You can create fun social videos for creating brand awareness. You can also share informational videos for potential buyers seeking information about your product. You can even create videos that can lead your potential buyers to your landing page.

6. Better Retention

Information shared through written or audio content has a very low retention rate compared to video content. Stats would have us believe that 65% of the information shared through video content is retained for three days.

Although not exhaustive, these are some reasons why a business needs to include video marketing in its marketing budget.

Video Marketing is a cost-effective method of marketing because creating videos is inexpensive. You do not require any extensive equipment or software for creating it. Writing the script for the video content is also not very complicated either because you can simply turn a blog into a video or one of your product specialists can speak about the product in the video.

Everyone enjoys watching a good video that is informative and entertaining!

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