Why Use WordPress to Create Mini-Sites and Sales Letters

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As it’s already known, WordPress is one of the most popular blogging platforms that’s available freely online. Since it is a powerful and useful content management tool, even mini-sites can be made on it.

What is a mini-site you ask? Mini-site is essentially a small website containing only about 20 odd pages of content. It can be of various kinds - product mini-sites, news mini-sites, affiliate mini-sites and more.

You can sure do it with other content management systems online but what WordPress can offer is hardly matched by any other open source.

In short, use WordPress for your mini-site and sales letters so you can reach out to a wider audience and offer them the best of content and products.

WordPress is thought of to be the very best system to publish and publish any written content quite quickly from any pc linked to the world wide web. Mini Sites are a quick and easy way to boost your portfolio.

Here’s why you should use WordPress to create mini-sites and sales letters.

1.Easy to Use

In today’s world of technology and all things complicated, you need something that is easy to use and yet highly effective. Enter, WordPress. It not only makes your life easier by being quick and less fussy, it also is one of the most sought after content management systems out there.

With one click you can have your plugins installed. There are plenty of themes for you to choose from. The sales letter is a plugin, which works on any theme so you have that part sorted. So easy to understand and use.

2.SEO Convenience

Google and other search engines favor WordPress based websites because WordPress has all the parameters in check for good SEO.

With the right plugin for WordPress, you can easily make your mini-site or sales letter SEO friendly. You do want your site to get high rankings so search engines pick it up.

3.Installing .xml Sitemap

A key element that most people ignore is that your site needs to be in .xml sitemap format. This helps your mini-site look professional and also its content to be indexed correctly so it is search engine friendly. All you need to do is install the Google XML Sitemap plugin and you’re all set.

4.Rich Content

Content is very important in any kind of website, even a mini-site. Despite having fewer pages and lesser content, you can still make it as good as you can so it is free from spam and other obstacles that don't comply with search engine parameters.

WordPress also encourages you to have the best possible content so it gets picked up these search engines. Even your sales letter should have clean and good quality content to engage the readers.


WordPress offers a plethora of plugins and themes so your mini-site and sales letters can look professional. But that isn’t enough. You need to pick what fits you best. If your mini-site is about a product, pick a theme that will highlight the product.

Use graphics for the same reason. If there’s an order button in there, don’t hide it. Showcase it so the user is drawn to click on it. Make it as clear as you can for your potential customers.

One of the great things about WordPress is that there are tons of free WordPress themes available, for a wide variety of niches. Find a good WordPress design for your mini-site and sales letters as you don’t need many of the extra features.

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