Why use Python for your E-Commerce Website Development?

Why use Python for your E-Commerce Website Development?

Python is a general-purpose programming language used for creating a variety of programs along with a wide range of applications, software & web development, automation, data science, etc. 

Python can be used for 

● Data analysis and machine learning
● Web development
● Automation or scripting
● Software testing and prototyping
● Everyday tasks

Python has become the go-to programming language for eCommerce development, whether it is for integrating a recommendation engine or building a scalable website, it can do it all. 

E-commerce is now a crucial component of any retail business with a local or global footprint. From startups to small or large companies, all businesses can benefit from having an e-commerce platform. In today's world where the focus is on convenience, consumers want to see and buy goods in the comfort of their homes. E-commerce is an ideal way to take a brand from a traditional brick-and-mortar entity to an innovative, global brand. E-commerce allows businesses to offer their products 24/7, to different geographical locations without having to physically move goods to various locations for sales.

For any business to venture into e-commerce, it would need to choose a web application development team that can produce a highly functional website. Choosing the right programming language is critical as it plays a vital role in the creation of an effective website. Python has become the chosen programming language for several reasons from 

● being easy to learn
● the convenience offers minimal coding requirements
● its host compatibility allows it to operate on a wide range of platforms
● it's a Django framework that makes it easy to create websites
● and many more.

Let's look at some of the reasons why Python should be chosen for building eCommerce websites -

Security - Security is paramount to everyone and e-commerce websites need to hold the personal data of customers along with their payment preferences. Built-in security options in Python can stop phishing attacks, SQL injections along with many other security issues.

Libraries and modules in Python offer data protection while transacting in the eCommerce website. Libraries can provide authentication features to secure payment methods, in local and international transactions. It also offers various access control schemes to simplify transactions.

Library support - Libraries in Python make it easy for developers to create e-commerce websites. Using their libraries, developers can create websites with simple CGI scripting for high-end web development. It provides interfaces for text and document processing as well as database manipulation. These libraries can be linked with other web technologies to provide a more customized user experience. 

Scalable - Python is scalable, and can help accommodate an increase in traffic or a larger audience without giving up on the speed or the performance of the website. Companies like Pinterest and Instagram use Python to accommodate their site’s huge traffic and user base. 

There are two ways to scale the project - vertically or horizontally. For a slow website, server hardware, storage space, or RAM can be upgraded. This vertical scaling helps in boosting performance which is crucial for any e-commerce website. To scale up the website horizontally, more servers can be used to distribute the load across multiple servers. This can be done with tools like HAProxy, Nginx, or any other web server that supports reverse proxy functionality. 

Support - Python boasts excellent community support. It has one of the largest communities with over 10 million active developers. Continuous developments take place for the development of new features for the computer language, like PyCon. PyCon is the largest gathering of this community, who come together to share information on everything that relates to Python, from best practices in Python development to how to donate to open source projects. This community is always there to assist anyone regarding difficulties in anything related to Python. 

Shipping - Shipping products is a crucial part of any e-commerce business. Online stores need to maintain their logistics and delivery options, and Python has built-in shipping integrations with delivery companies like FedEx, UPS & USPS. Python and Satchmo (an open-source framework based on Python) offer great capabilities to integrate shipping features into an e-commerce website making it ideal for use in eCommerce applications.

Faster development - Python can process data at a faster rate and is the best choice for developing e-commerce websites as these need to process large volumes of data. Its frameworks, like Django, are fast as they compile the code into bytecode before running and provide high-level APIs for accessing databases, web services, and cached application data.

Python also offers various frameworks like Django, Flask & Bottle, which can help developers develop applications at a faster pace. 

To sum up, the reasons why businesses prefer to use Python to build e-commerce websites are -

● Saves on development time and effort
● Suitable for network-intensive application development
● a Large number of libraries
● Security
● Offers various shipping options
● Scalable 
● Beginner friendly

Python is probably the best choice for e-commerce website development and hiring Python web application development services that have experience in creating e-commerce websites is the best option.

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