Why Traveling on a Bus is the Best Way to Get Around

Why Traveling on a Bus is the Best Way to Get Around

So you're browsing through the internet, looking for travel tips and you notice that there are very few articles that offer advice on how to handle traveling via bus. While many blogs provide insider tips while flying on an airplane, it looks like everyone has completely forgotten to create a write-up about helpful tips when traveling in buses.

Surprisingly, though, do you know that more and more people are utilizing traveling by bus than flying? More than ever, buses remain a practical means of transportation, and there is a high need for them. 

Endless Security Lines No More

You know that security check-points in airports can frustrating, stressful at times for travelers. If you're lucky enough, you won't completely mess your outfit during those tedious security checks. However, you still have to walk barefoot on a dubious surface. You might even be the "lucky" random passenger whose bag has to be subjected to further inspection. Talk about embarrassing, right?

Pit Stops and Shops

When you're traveling via bus, during the entire journey, there are bus stops where you can take a short break to stretch your legs, use a bathroom, buy some snacks, or get some fresh air.

On the other hand, it’s a hassle getting out and about on a plane. At times, it’s annoying ‒ not only to you but with your fellow passengers as well. If you're sitting in the farthest seat from the aisle, you have to make everyone get up if you want to go to the restroom. It doesn't end there though. Once you get out from that cramped space, you have to wrestle your way through service trolleys, and other wandering passengers. 

No Hassle of Booking in Advance

Perhaps, one of the most frustrating things in flying is that you need to plan your trip to scour the best airline deals. Here’s the catch though ‒ the closer you get to the actual date of your departure, the more likely that these prices soar.

If you don't have the luxury of booking, then traveling in buses are a better alternative. First off, buying bus tickets are convenient. You can buy just a day or two before you take off with little hassle. Aside from that, you can get a pretty decent deal as well. Also, the majority of bus tickets are sold hours before it leaves.

Buses can still be a viable option if planning and booking in advance is your thing. Many carriers offer great deals to their passengers to the first ones who book a seat. Pretty cool, right?

No Worrying About Lost Baggage

When you're flying, chances are, you'll have to hand most of your most precious belongings to total strangers. Then, all you have to do is hope for the best that your baggage will arrive safely and pop up on a maze of suitcases after you land at your destination.

So it's a given ‒ you have to spend big bucks for baggage fees, in the hope that all your things will reach safely and you can collect them as quickly as possible afterward. However, it doesn't always end that way. There are lots of travelers all around the world that suffer the horrible fate of losing, damaging, or even having their suitcases stolen.

Pieces of baggage can be delayed, and if your bags are carried on the next flight, then you need to wait for hours. If you're unlucky, then all your things can be sent to the wrong airport.  Claiming your baggage can take days. In case you have lost luggage, you need to fill in a "missing baggage" form to ensure you have a written claim for these damages. Then, you need to produce receipts and copies of documents for it to be reimbursed. Think about how a terrible inconvenience this can be. 

Bus Fare is Way Cheaper

Bus tickets will always be cheaper compared to airline tickets. While some carriers can lure travelers with affordable deals, when it's time to pay and check out, these fees can quickly add up. Airlines will be charging you with airport taxes, checked-in pieces of baggage, and even perks such as extra legroom. In buses, on the other hand, everything is already included in the price that you'll have to pay up front. 

The Bottomline

A lot of people are unaware, but surprisingly, traveling in buses has significant perks. So, stop hesitating and book your next trip on a coach and see for yourself how great the buses have become. Ideally, look for a bus company the offers personalized services and higher customer satisfaction rates such as the Parkinson Coach Lines. They offer single and multi-day trips throughout North America. 

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