Why Hybrid Cloud Is More Advantageous Than You Think?

Why hybrid cloud?

Do you like pizza? Obviously, a silly question. Who doesn’t like it?

But, which one do you prefer? The regular one with normal toppings or the one with your choicest toppings in which you can choose the ingredients like Jalapeno, Kalamata olives, mushrooms, broccoli and so on, as per your taste.

We all love having things our way. So, I am sure you’ll go with the pizza with your own toppings. What if you could also get a cloud of your choice? 

Interested?  Well, hybrid cloud is just like the pizza with your choicest toppings.  In a hybrid cloud, you can mix private cloud, on-premises, third-party services, public cloud services and more per your needs.

As per Gartner, “Hybrid cloud computing refers to policy-based and coordinated service provisioning, use and management across a mixture of internal and external cloud services”. Thus, if you opt for hybrid cloud hosting for your business, you get the benefits of each model - security of the private cloud and scalability of the public cloud.

It is gaining good popularity because of the advantages associated with it like cloud bursting, backup support, flexibility to scale up and down, cost optimization, and so on – the reasons behind why organizations are preferring to move to the hybrid cloud.

Here are 10 reasons as to how a hybrid cloud can be more advantageous for your business and your customers than you think:

1.Better security: With the hybrid cloud, you can protect your confidential and sensitive information by storing it in the private cloud while you can use the resources of the public cloud to run apps that rely on that data. This is especially important for an online business that stores sensitive data for its customers.

2.Flexibility: You can explore new products and business models while deploying the hybrid cloud. Within a private environment, you can build and test the new software as per the changing needs without any change in the IT architecture.

3.Low TCO: With the hybrid cloud, you don’t have to spend on infrastructure as well as by using pay as you go subscription model, you pay only for those resources which you use. It enables you to arrange a backup plan in the cloud instead of on-premise that also helps in cost reduction.

4.Hybrid cloud backup: With hybrid cloud data backup, the data is stored on the disk in the form of a local cache for short time period and is soon sent to the cloud. Then the backup software like D2D2C (disk-to-disk-to-cloud) performs data encryption and transmits it to the CSPs. In the event of a disaster, you can make your offsite data accessible by using the cloud applications.


5.More control: You can bifurcate your resources based on the needs of the individual users i.e. hybrid cloud enables you to segment your architecture where needed. Also, you can customize your hardware as needed to meet your specific application performance requirements.

6.It’s easier than you think: There is no need for any learning curve as it allows you to easily and seamlessly move your applications to the cloud.

7.Increased data speeds: You can configure the hybrid networks as per your needs to push the data through private servers through which you get the improved load times and increased data transfer speeds.

8.Ideal e-commerce solution: Hybrid cloud provides the platform for secure e-commerce operations. For e.g., the work of processing the orders can be done by using the public cloud resources and legal regulations, personal and payment information can be handled by the private cloud.

9.Spreading your business: You can operate the hybrid cloud at any time and from any part of the world. This provides a global reach for your business beyond the geographical boundaries. Also, in the case of outages, it provides reliable connectivity.

10.Get the best of both: If you don’t have any interest to invest in the private cloud, public cloud or a dedicated server individually, hybrid option is better as there is no need to choose one. You can blend them together according to your business needs and get the best fit.

Take advantage of hybrid cloud computing and hybrid IT resources provided by the best reliable hybrid cloud hosting provider in India. If you have any confusion regarding this, you can drop your questions in the section below.

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