Which CMS is right for News Website & Portal Development?

Which CMS is right for News Website & Portal Development?

Setting up and operating a website sounds like something that just about everyone is doing. While the number of sites we have in the world may lend some merit to that statement, the fact remains that it is not nearly as easy as it sounds. It is especially true for news websites because of look at the number of news websites in the world. The world is brimming with websites that provide news — so, how does one stay ahead of the curve in a market that is intensely competitive? Of course, this is a question that is bound to invite a variety of answers and rightly so. But let’s be honest — would any of that work if the website didn’t have a solid foundation to begin with? No, right? It then leads one to another question: What constitutes a solid foundation in this context? Again, a lot of different factors here as well, but none quite as important as the CMS. The pursuit of delivering massive amounts of high-quality content at all times needs a robust CMS more than anything else.

For other websites, a proper or advanced content management system is not essential, because their focus and what they do doesn’t involve the continual dissemination of content. They are either about marketing or sales or some such instance; but the situation changes when it is a news website one is talking about. Considering that the role the CMS plays in the context of news websites, it is imperative to make the right decision because a top-notch CMS will enable you to seamlessly deliver rich content, including text, pictures, videos, and more, while one that doesn’t suit your requirements could undo all your efforts without even a moment’s notice.

Since choosing the right CMS is vital for ensuring a news website’s success, allow us to walk you through some tips and guidelines that will help you out with that.

Type of CMS: CMS today are organized under the purview of two categories, namely, open-source and proprietary. With an open-source CMS, as the name suggests, you will have access to the code, allowing you to adapt the platform in accordance with your requirements. Whereas, with proprietary systems, one needs to get a commercial license to use it. It is crucial to decide which one of these two options best fits in with your requirements before you can do or determine pretty much anything else in this regard.
Scalability: Any news website not only hopes but strives for growth. And in order to make sure that the website can keep up with this growth, the platform must be highly scalable instead of requiring you to spend a ridiculous amount of time figuring out how to get your CMS to accommodate the growth. So, make sure that the platform you choose is not only scalable but also ensures that you can scale the website at a rapid pace.

Security: The one thing that everyone knows about anything in the digital realm is that it must be secure and at all times. So, if you are planning to pick up an out-of-the-box CMS, it may help to remember that they are typically subjected to updates at regular intervals to fix security issues and bugs. Considering that this can quickly translate into your website being vulnerable, one must not ignore the task of closely analyzing the shortlisted names when it comes to security and other related concerns.


Choosing the right CMS for your news website is an overwhelming task and understandably so! There’s so much to consider, sacrifices to be made, and decisions to be finalised. And since it is a complicated endeavor, it is highly advisable to rope in the help of a Drupal news portal development company. Their expertise will help ensure high-quality results for your endeavours!

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