What Is Software Quality Assurance And Why Do You Need It?

Software Quality Assurance What is?

Software Quality Assurance (SQA) is an easy way to ensure quality and security in the software. The SQA engineer makes the difference between projecting universally trusted powerful software and releasing an inadequate product. This is a kind of Umbrella activity implemented across the software process.

SQA is a set of activities to assure approaches, methodology, and feasible standards for the project to implement correctly. This is a process working parallel for the development of software. It centers on elevating the process of software development to prevent problems before they become major issues.

What is Software Quality Assurance (SQA)?

Software quality assurance is a way and pattern of monitoring the entire software engineering process, mechanism, and work products. It validates submission against distinct standards. Software Quality Assurance includes a quality management approach.

SQA also has formal technical reviews, a multi-testing mechanism, and a more effective software engineering technology approach. It manages evaluation, measurement, and reporting strategy. However, SQA focuses on;

  • Manageability of the software
  • Usability of the software
  • Reusing the software
  • Accuracy of the software
  • Moderating the software
  • Error Control of the software

Software Quality Assurance vs. Software Testing

Software quality assurance and software testing are both affiliated but patent processes within the lifecycle of software development. Both processes are important to deliver high-quality products.

SQA is the process of assuring that the software meets the set of quality standards. But software testing is the procedure to verify and identify the software programs to meet the user’s requirements.

Software quality assurance is a continuing operation that starts during the planning stages of a product service. It remains over the development, testing, and distribution of the service or product.

But software testing includes making test plans, writing test cases, and carrying out manual & automated tests. It will effectively ensure the product meets its unique requirements.

SQA is a broader term concentrating on the entire procedure. It will ensure that a service or product shows its design specifications to meet the user’s actual requirements.

Meanwhile, software testing spotlights the measurement of a service or product. It should meet its design specifications to meet the unique needs of users.

Software Quality Assurance Techniques

  1. Auditing: This is the analysis of the work products and their relevant information to decide the following standard processes.
  2. Reviewing: This is a process for the software product to examine both internal and external stakeholders seeking their approval and comments.
  3. Code Inspection: It is a traditional review for static testing to explore bugs and prevent defect flow into the later procedure. However, the reviewer is not the author of the code. A trained mediator can do it based on checklists, rules, and other essential criteria.
  4. Design Inspection: A checklist is used for the inspection to examine the following areas of software design:
    a) General design and requirements
    b) Applicable and Interface specifications
    c) Traceability for requirements
    d) Interfaces and structures
    e) Performance
    f) Error management and restoration
  5. Simulation: It is a tool that examples a real-life situation to virtually inspect the behavior of the system. Simulators are immense sandbox system possibilities in cases when the real system is not tested directly.
  6. Standardization: It plays a vital role in quality assurance. This reduces guesswork and enigma to ensure quality.
  7. Functional Testing: This technique validates what the system performs without determining how it works. The Black Box testing largely targets testing the system features or specifications.
  8. Static Analysis: This is a software analysis using an automated tool without program execution. Software benchmarks and reverse engineering are some of the famous forms of static analysis. Most teams use Vera Code and Sonar Cube for static code analysis.
  9. Stress Testing: This testing type is used to check the robustness of a system using testing under heavy loads outside normal conditions.
  10. Unit Testing: This White Box Testing method is used to ensure finalizing code coverage. It executes each independent path, branch, and condition.

Key SQA Team Activities:

Here are some of the essential SQA activities, including;

1. SQA Management Plan:

You can manage a set of the best software engineering activities for the project. The skilled SQA team makes a plan to carry out the SQA across the project.

2. Set the Check Points:

Your skilled SQA team should set checkpoints. It can measure the performance of the project based on the collected data from different checkpoints.

3. Multi-testing Strategy:

Depending on a single testing strategy is not the perfect approach. Use different available testing methods.

4. Evaluate Change Impact:

The modification for correction making of an error often reinstates more errors. Keep the evaluation of the impact of reform on the project. Reset the new modification to reform and check the compatibility of this restore with the entire project.

5. Manage Good Relations:

Managing excellent relations with other teams is essential in the working environment connected to project development. Poor relations between the SQA team with the team of programmers will directly impact the project.

Software Quality Assurance Benefits:

  • SQA generates top-quality software.
  • Higher-quality applications can save cost and time.
  • SQA is advantageous for better quality and reliability.
  • It is advantageous in an environment of no maintenance.
  • Top-quality commercial software boosts the market share of the company.
  • SQA improves the procedure of developing software.
  • It enhances the software's quality and durability.

How to Hire SQA Engineers?

Hiring quality assurance engineers is essential to test entire software applications to ensure their functionality. It includes the software codes and their interactions with other computer devices or programs. You should find the right professional for your company when hiring a quality assurance engineer.

The quality assurance of software is important at every level of development. A quality assurance engineer must be up-to-date on the latest testing tools. Businesses must follow some significant points when hiring a quality assurance engineer, including;

  1. The candidate must have a learning spirit.
  2. A creative mind candidate is needed to solve problems.
  3. Choose the right candidate to ensure the error-free delivery of work.
  4. Hiring a dedicated team is essential for time management.
  5. Hire candidates having expert knowledge of quality assurance tools and techniques.
  6. The candidate must know all aspects of coding, such as programming, databases, and languages.

Where to Hire SQA?

Most QA engineers are searching for jobs in the competitive market. The role of a quality assurance engineer is vital to ensure the proper working of software and hardware.

You should hire specialized quality assurance engineers. Most businesses need dedicated development teams or firms. Visit arhamsoft.com to hire the best quality assurance engineers and the best QA outsourcing services.


Software quality assurance is a unique activity that is integrated across the software lifecycle. The SQA is crucial for your service or software product to become successful in the competitive market.

Quality assurance testers are accountable for software confirmation and authentication before presenting to customers. Software testing is important to avoid a poor user experience that hurdles a product’s success.

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