Top Time Tracking Software Solutions for Small Businesses in 2024


The success of a small business hinges on the effective management of time. Thankfully, in 2024, there is a wide array of time tracking software solutions available. These tools can make a sea of change in your or your team’s operations and productivity. Therefore, if you are searching for the best software for your small business, we have written this guide with invaluable guidance on the finest choices available. 

Read on to learn about the importance of time tracking, features to consider when selecting the best time tracking software for small business, and the top solutions on the market. Additionally, we will address common queries to ensure you are equipped to make an informed decision.

Importance of Time Tracking for Small Businesses

Small businesses greatly benefit from time tracking as it is crucial in effectively managing productivity, ensuring precise billing, and facilitating seamless project management. By meticulously monitoring the allocation of time, businesses can pinpoint areas of inefficiency, streamline operations, and ultimately enhance profitability. Additionally, accurate time tracking fosters proper invoicing practices mitigates potential disputes, and cultivates transparent client relationships.

Important Features to Look for in Time Tracking Software

When choosing time tracking software, small businesses should consider the following key features:

1. Ease of Use: The software should have an intuitive interface that is easy to navigate for all users.

2. Integration Capabilities: It should seamlessly integrate with other tools such as project management software, accounting systems, and calendars.

3. Mobile Access: With more people working remotely, having mobile access ensures that employees can log their hours from anywhere.

4. Reporting Features: Comprehensive reporting features help in analyzing productivity and making informed business decisions.

5. Customization: The ability to customize the software to fit specific business needs can enhance its utility.

6. Automation: Features like automatic time capture and reminders can help maintain accurate records without much manual intervention.

Top Time Tracking Software Solutions in 2024

Toggl Track

Overview: Toggl Track is a popular time tracking tool known for its simplicity and robust feature set.

Key Features and Benefits:

- Intuitive interface for easy time logging

- Integration with tools like Asana, Trello, and Slack

- Real-time reporting and analytics

- Mobile app for tracking on the go

Pricing and Plans: Offers a limited free plan, with paid plans starting at $10 per user per month.

QuickBooks Time (formerly TSheets)

Overview: QuickBooks Time provides comprehensive time tracking and scheduling features, which are ideal for small businesses.

Key Features and Benefits:

- GPS tracking and geofencing

- Integration with QuickBooks Online for seamless invoicing

- Customizable reports and timesheets

- Mobile access for remote workforce

Pricing and Plans: Starts at $10 per user per month with a 30-day free trial.


Overview: Harvest is excellent for businesses that need time tracking, expense tracking, and invoicing capabilities.

Key Features and Benefits:

- Automated time tracking reminders

- Expense tracking and invoicing

- Visual time tracking reports

- Integrates with tools like Jira and Zendesk

Pricing and Plans: Offers a free plan for a single user, with paid plans starting at $12 per user per month.


Overview: Hubstaff offers time tracking along with task management features that are suitable for small businesses and freelancers.

Key Features and Benefits:

- Manual and automatic time tracking

- Screenshot monitoring for productivity

- GPS tracking for remote teams

- Comprehensive reporting

Pricing and Plans: A free plan is available for a single user, and paid plans start at $7 per user per month.

FAQ about Time Tracking Software for Small Businesses

What is time tracking software?

Time tracking software is a tool for businesses to record and monitor the time employees spend on tasks and projects.

Why is time tracking important for small businesses?

Time tracking helps small businesses manage productivity, ensure accurate billing, and improve project management by providing insights into time spent.

How do I choose the best time tracking software for my business?

When choosing time tracking software, consider factors like ease of use, integration capabilities, mobile access, reporting features, customization options, and automation

What are the costs associated with time tracking software?

Costs vary based on features and the number of users, typically ranging from $10 to $20 per user per month. Some software offers free trials or free versions for small teams.

Can time tracking software integrate with other tools I use?

Yes, most time tracking software solutions integrate with project management, accounting, and other business tools to streamline operations.

Is time tracking software secure?

Yes, reputable time tracking software ensures data security and compliance with industry standards and regulations.

Can I use time tracking software on mobile devices?

Yes, most modern time tracking software offers mobile apps, allowing users to log time and manage tasks from anywhere.


Within this article, we have discussed the importance of time tracking, and the crucial attributes to seek in time tracking software, and conducted an assessment of the leading time tracking software solutions available in 2024. 

You should be ready to start your search for the best solution for your needs now. Understanding time tracking for a small business and using tools to manage it effectively is daunting at first. However, since we are in the digital age, you can make the most of digital tools that are much better than traditional time tracking methods.

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