What Makes Public Parks Important?

What Makes Public Parks Important?

Public parks serve a variety of purposes for different age groups. They give adults a social place to hang out and exercise and provide a playground for children. If I talk about my personal experience, I have spent a good amount of time in the public parks. I used to take my kids for playing and I myself did exercise with ladies of my own age. Therefore, I regard public parks an important part of a community as they play a key role in enhancing the social life of a family. In this article, I will talk about the importance of public parks on the environment. 

1. Protection of Ecosystem
Not only do they serve as a source of outdoor play for children, public parks play a significant role in protecting our mother earth. Different variety of wildlife and plants in a community reflect a unique system, and protecting public parks means saving wildlife and plants, which, in turn, protects the natural ecosystem. 

2. Purification on Air
The natural filtration mechanism of taking in carbon dioxide and excreting oxygen filters the pollutants from the air; thereby making the natural air healthy for breathing. Air pollution is the root cause of respiratory diseases such as asthma, lung cancer, etc; therefore, protecting parks results in a better public health. 

3. Profits for Communities
Neighborhoods get revenue from public parks. For instance, some parks organize sports events, holiday festivals, music festivals and other similar gatherings that generate profits. Moreover, the properties located near parks have higher taxes and values. Therefore, the potential for revenue is one of the important reasons to build and save public parks. 

4. Better Protection for Storms 
The soil in public parks is unpaved that has the potential to absorb water. As a result, it reduces the effects of flooding and storms, which gives better management during such hazards and decreases management cost. Neighbors of public parks are regarded safer than non-neighbors during flooding and storms. 

5. Motivation to Maintain Physical Health
Whenever people think about exercising, they get lazy to do it individually. Exercising alone is surely boring and difficult. Well, I and my kids had been lucky enough to have a park nearby where we enjoy different physical activities such as yoga and hiking. These activities fulfill our exercise needs and help us stay healthy. 

6. Better Mental Health
You have no idea what fresh air does to your mind! When you breathe in natural air, it stimulates brain activity and makes you mentally strong. Breathing fresh air and having a social interaction while exercising do wonders to improve the mental health of an individual. 

7. Better Protection from the Urban Heat Island Effect
The rise in temperature in the concrete and asphalt-covered region due to increase in the level of air pollutants and smug is known as the urban heat island effect. Old trees with strong roots have a tendency to protect such communities from this effect and purify the air therein. 

8. Assist Neighborhood Engagement 
I remember, I met most of the neighborhood ladies who are my friends now at our public park. Every time, I and my kids went out to the park, we saw people jiggling and giggling and we interacted with them. Just like me, my kids also made neighborhood friends at that park. 
In a Nutshell

The public parks do not only benefit people individually but a community as a whole. It boosts the physical and mental health of the entire neighborhood, and the community with a park nearby is found to be less aggressive and experience mental fatigue. Moreover, it also helps in building neighbors relations thereby making them strong as a community. So, will you make it a habit to spend some time with your kids at your nearby park from now on? 

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