5 Main Advantages of Inflatable SUP Board

SUP board

PVC is used outside inflatable SUPs, and drop-stitch construction generates an air core inside the board. SUP come with a pump that can be used to inflate the board and a bag that can be used to store it when it is not used. When completely inflated, a quality inflatable stand-up paddleboard should have an excellent feel to it and be intended to be inflated to a pressure of 12–15 pounds per square inch.

The following is a list of the most significant advantages of stand-up paddling that you may enjoy.

1. Transportable With Ease

One of the reasons inflatable stand-up boards became mainstream is their capacity to be readily moved, which has had an outstanding influence on the industry. Inflatable stand-up boards have been more popular in recent years. 

You may easily chuck it in the back of your vehicle while it is still stored in its bag and then drive to the nearest body of water. The most significant benefit of owning an inflatable board is how easy it is to carry, in contrast to rigid panels, which need the use of a roof rack to be taken to the water.

2. Storage

Their stand up paddle boards deflate and fold into a bag, making it possible to stow them in the tiniest of vehicle trunks, in a closet, or under the stairs.

It is a perfect solution for those who live in apartments or other compact spaces, where there is often nowhere secure to keep belongings. You can also leave your stand-up paddleboard inflated so that you may admire its magnificence.

3. Extremely durable

In general, inflatable boards are much more long-lasting than hard ones. There are differences between the many types of inflatable stand-up paddle boards. There is a significant gap between the two.

The PVC layers covering an inflatable board's core are secured using a tight drop stitch. The construction of white water rafts has consistently included the usage of PVC since the industry's inception, and this practice continues even now. Having a sturdy board is of the utmost importance when preserving the quality.

4. Damage

If you drop your rigid fiberglass board, it will likely break, which means you will need to have it repaired. If you don't, the board will absorb water and become useless for stand-up paddling, at which point you may as well have purchased an ironing board and used it instead.

PVC, used in constructing their stand-up paddleboards, is a long-lasting material that does not shatter or split easily. They are so long-lasting that you can even drive a vehicle over them without causing them to rupture.

5. Reduces your stress levels

Due to the calming effect of the water in the environment and the fact that you are in complete control of the activity, paddle boarding may be an effective method for relieving stress. In addition, falling off the board may provide you with a significant surge of adrenaline, which can help you shake off any sensations of tension.

In addition, taking a few deep breaths of the salty air and spending some time by yourself in the ocean might be enough to purge your body of any bad energy you may be harboring. It is tough to think about your previous concerns when all you have in your hand is the paddle for your stand-up paddleboard.


If you want to get into racing on flat water, inflatable paddle boards may get you started, but if you're going to race or surf, a hardboard with a cut-out deck will give you a significant edge over an inflated board. On the other hand, if you are only looking to catch some waves and get your feet wet for the first time, or you want to surf some modest waves, an inflatable SUP will be the best option. 

Most paddlers who wish to take stand-up paddle surfing seriously want to invest in a hardboard. Rigid paddle boards will benefit from inflatable ones since they will have thinner rails and better control over the board's rocker. A decent inflatable paddle board will offer significant advantages over a rigid board for the ordinary paddler. It will be the correct board for practically all the paddling you perform, providing you with a more enjoyable and stress-free time on the water.

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