What is the Best Water Purification System?

Water Purification System

Water is essential for our survival. But we have to consume it in optimal conditions, so it needs to go through a water purification system. This process consists of its treatment and purification, making it drinkable.

To solve this problem, there are water treatment companies and companies that supply materials to carry out the water purification system. This can be done in several ways, and then we will tell you which are the most used.

Importance of consuming pure water

Distilled water is very important since the great epidemics of humanity have been caused, precisely, by the contamination of this liquid.

The quality of water intended for human consumption is so important that European law protects it to guarantee its health and cleanliness. For this, it cannot contain microorganisms, parasites, or substances that may pose a danger to human health.

Its importance is so great that chlorination and filtration have even been considered one of the most important advances for public health. Currently, there are several water purification systems and we will tell you about them below.


Chlorination is the primary procedure in disinfecting water. Besides, it is a simple process, since it consists of adding chlorinated products to the water, thus killing the microorganisms that are in it, such as bacteria and viruses.

Chlorine takes effect after a few minutes, but its effect is also lost after hours or days. Besides, it is only effective in the treatment of clear waters, that is, those that do not contain impurities with the naked eye.

It is an ineffective water purification system since it is only disinfecting it. Chlorination only destroys certain microorganisms but is unable to eliminate other parasites, so it is not completely purified.

Water purification by filtration

Through the filtration system, it will be possible to remove the solid sediments that are suspended in the water. In other words, this filter will only trap large particles, such as dirt, sand, and other organic dirt.

You should bear in mind that the filtration will not remove lime or other mineral salts that may be dissolved in the water. Therefore, this water purification system is recommended only for those that have little mineral content, that is, soft or little hard water.

It is important to start with the filtration of the water in the purification process, since this way we are going to eliminate those large particles that can dirty the other equipment used in the rest of the purification stages.

The most common or first used filters are deep bed filters. These use granular media to retain solid particles and obtain quality water.

Activated carbon

When the water is filtered with granular activated carbon, a chemical absorption process is taking place. This means that the organic matter will adhere to the carbon wall by a chemical function.

Reverse osmosis system

The highest degree of water purification is to be achieved with the reverse osmosis system. This process has become very popular today because it also provides improvements in the taste of water.

Reverse osmosis can be understood as a technology that uses a semi-permeable membrane to remove particles, ions, and molecules from purified water. Therefore, it is a water purification system with high efficiency and pressure.

In this system, very high pressure is exerted to force the water to pass to the other side of the membrane. In this way, impurities are retained and remain on the first side and only pure water can pass through.

It is such an efficient process that it allows approximately 98% of the impurities present in the water to be removed, both solid and dissolved, even eliminating radioactivity. Its results, therefore, are not achieved by another water filtration system.

Ultraviolet light

Another water purification system is to use ultraviolet light. This procedure is highly recommended and effective to kill microorganisms and bacteria since radiation eliminates any ability to reproduce.

Regarding the advantages of this system, we can highlight that no chemical components are used and it attacks a large number of microorganisms. Also, ultraviolet light equipment does not imply direct contact with water or with operators, since they are isolated.

In this process, the water passes through a chamber with an ultraviolet light source, which will sterilize it. Organisms die very quickly with this system since the wavelength destroys the genetic material of bacteria, viruses, and other contaminants.

Ozonation of water

After having applied the ultraviolet light, it goes on to ozonation, another water purification system. It consists of introducing or injecting this gas into the water in the most direct way possible.

It may seem like a complex process, but in reality, it is very simple. Machines that generate ozone are used for this, after having collected amounts of oxygen from the environment.

Subsequently, strong electrical discharges are made from the two oxygen molecules, resulting in a third, that of ozone.

The effectiveness of this water purification system is related to the amount of ozone used and the contact time with the water. Of course, its results are much higher than those of chlorine.

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