Unhealthy Habits that Negatively Affect your Vision

Unhealthy Habits that Negatively Affect your Vision

Our worst habits are the ones about which we don’t know that they aren’t suitable. More than often, we unknowingly engage ourselves in actions which can be gradually harmful to our health. Especially when it comes to the subject of eye health; we are ought to be unaware of habits which can negatively affect our vision. 

Thence, in order to eradicate such chances of ignorance, we have enlisted certain habits which are harmful to eyes. Getting rid of these habits can surely help us in maintaining our eye health and beauty. Have a look. 


In respect to popular belief and caution, we all know that smoking is injurious to health. However, did you know that smoking could have ill effects on human’s eye? 

It is true. Smoking is a major cause of numerous eye problems including Cataract & Glaucoma. 

Other than the two above-mentioned vision-related problems; Dry Eye Syndrome, Macular Degeneration, etc. are also prominent eye diseases caused due to smoking. 

According to statistical studies, people who smoke are twice as much prone to eye disease as compared to people who do not surrender to smoking habits. 

Sleep Deprivation 

8 hours of sleep is a mandate that is given to all of us by doctors to ensure our mental health and activeness. Nevertheless, the benefit of optimum amount of sleep also extends to the nourishment and health of our eyes. 

Having enough sleep helps us in getting rid of dry eye syndrome. It also reduces the effect of the computer vision problems which occurs due to the uneasiness of working on a computer or laptop screens all day. 

Therefore, resisting sleep deprivation and ensuring a healthy deep sleep helps in avoiding eye problems such as irritation, redness, sore eyes, blurriness, inflammation, etc. 

Avoiding Sun Glasses 

The primary use of sunglasses was to protect our eyes from the dust, debris, and most importantly the harmful rays of the sun. The UV rays can be extremely damaging to our eyes. Moreover, the effect of these UV rays prevails even on cloudy days. Thus, we must always – always carry a pair of good quality sunglasses to cover our eyes. 

In case of kids, their eyes are highly vulnerable to this damage. Thus, newly born kids must be kept out of the direct reach of sunlight until at last six months. 
UV rays can cause eye problems such as Macular Degeneration and Cataract. 

Rubbing the Eyes

We must never rub our eyes. Rubbing our eyes, even in a way of slight itches, causes massive damage to the eye nerves and capillaries. 

However, it is possible to feel irritable in the eye due to excessive eye stress or allergens but we must always try to avoid rubbing as an escort to deal with the irritation. 

In order, to ease the itchiness and irritability we can rather consider washing our eyes regularly with cold water.  It keeps the eyes refreshed and prevents them from drying up. 

Improper Diet 

What we eat is capable of defining the health of our eyes in the most peculiar manner. Thus, we must ensure to eat healthily and involve vegetables and fruits which are beneficial for the better health of the eyes. 

To list a few dietary staples – Salmon, Carrots, Green leafy vegetables, mangoes, almonds, flax seeds, etc. are exceptionally regarded as the best food times for healthy eyes.  The presence of appropriate vitamins and nutrients makes these food items a suitable diet for healthy eyes. 

Therefore, we must include these and related food products in our diet. Nonetheless, abiding by a proper eating routine is also necessary.

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