Top Jewelleries for Beach Wedding

Wedding affairs these days are changing their characters with time. Instead of meaningless pomp and show, people are focusing on the romantic aspect of a wedding. The rising trend of the destination wedding is just an example. A moonlit sea beach is one of the most sought after and romantic destinations for wedding. No less glamorous than the traditional weddings, beach wedding enhances the oomph of the celebration for the natural setting and its physical distance from the maddening crowd.

So, are beach weddings a little different from the usual form of wedding? Yes, slightly they are! The tone of a beach wedding is a little laid back and relaxed. So be it the outfit or the set of wedding jewelry, everything has to reflect the subtle tone, a beach wedding echoes otherwise. Have a look at the types of beach wedding jewelries you can try:

A Platinum and Diamond Set

Oozing with elegance and oomph, a set of platinum and diamond gives your look an eternal touch. A neckpiece with multiple-strands of platinum beads and prong set diamonds rightly complements your polished personality. Need ideas for the right ensemble? Carry a light and airy gown in timeless powder blue color. Prefer a saree to anything else? A mint green or pale pink saree would be the right choice.

Some Tribal Necklace

Here is an excellent opportunity to stand a little different from the regular brides. Tribal jewelries are winning hearts across the country, and you can wear a set to keep your style minimal. Pick a lightweight set to pair with your indo western mehendi outfit or steal hearts at your sangeet night. The versatile look of the necklace makes it a piece to be worn for years to come.

Polki Jewellery Set

To get the perfect royal look without overdoing it, get a set of designer polki jewellery. Polki in general are quite heavy for featuring uncut diamonds settings. However, for a beach wedding, you need to pick a lightweight one with soothing colors and simple design like the one featured here. The intricate lotus detailing on this necklace makes it a perfect wear for your pheras under the stars.

A Set of Yellow Diamond Jewellery

The polished and bright features of diamond jewellery make it an inseparable part of every wedding trousseau. But here you can look different from the rest of the brides going for yellow diamonds. If not the complete set, at least a set of earrings or a wedding ring can be made of yellow diamond. Keep the tone light and the set a little lightweight.

Some Fun and Light Jewellery

Today’s women love to experiment with their look and many of them are defying the matchy matchy rule. If you are one amongst them talk to your stylist and make your own set of bridal jewellery choosing the best ones from different jewelers. Jewellery with filigree works or pearl setting can be given a try. For a lightweight necklace full of intricate works on them, go for a collar necklace with jaali work. A special evening like your wedding turns more romantic if you choose something so delicate and full of art for yourself.

Being the most precious moment in a woman’s life, wedding deserves some extra attention and thorough planning. Hence, while buying jewellery for their wedding one needs to do a little bit of homework and find out the best designer that does not impose its own choices on you. Explain the difference of your wedding from the traditional weddings and ask for opinions while finalizing the design of your bridal jewelry.

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