Top Four Mini Bar Fridges for Your Hotel Room

Mini Bar Fridges are designed to chill and hold beverages for a few people, which make them perfect for using in hotel rooms and other places like the conference rooms etc. These appliances are small in size but their function same as the other commercial refrigerators. There is an extensive range of mini bar appliances available in the market. There are different types based on the type of cooling system it has or the size or design.

There are so many different models to choose according to your need. Most of the models of hotel room fridges have the same features, but there are models, which are equipped with certain features, which make them better than the other models. Each day a new technology is being developed which ensures the efficiency of these fridges.

All of the top and famous refrigeration manufacturers offer the mini bar fridges. The extensive range of the appliance can sometimes make it very difficult to choose the right refrigerator. It can difficult to choose when there are so many good options available.

Here are some of the excellent mini bar fridges available in the market to choose from.

Interlevin MB35 Mini Bar refrigerator:

This is a mini bar appliance which has the capacity of 35 liters and it is considered a perfect appliance for the hotel rooms, boardrooms etc. It is a silent appliance which is one of the most important features of the appliance. It also has some space in the door for storing small wine bottles and also beer cans. It is equipped with LED interior light. It has adjustable shelves which can be split into two halves. The feet of the appliance are also adjustable. The dimensions of the appliance are Height – 485 mm Width – 385 mm Depth – 455 mm. The temperature range of the appliance is 0 C to +8 C. it uses R600a as a refrigerant. It has an off cycle defrosting system.

Polar CE322:

This mini bar, the refrigerator has the ability to be built-in or to be freestanding appliances. The refrigerator has an ABS interior, which can be cleaned easily. The door of the appliance is reversible and it also has the lock feature. The reversible door is excellent for maintenance and the lock provides security for the beverages. The appliance is also equipped with two shelves and two door racks. This provides multitude storage options. The maximum ambient temperature of the appliance is 29 C. it has the ability to hold 30 liters at a time. The dimensions of the appliance are 530 (H) x 400 (W) x 415 (D) mm. It has a single door and the door is solid. The appliance has a black finish and the insulation thickness of the cooler is 40 mm. The chiller has the temperature range of 0 C to +8 C. The weight of the appliance is 13 kg and it has fitted plugs. It has silent refrigeration which makes it perfect for hotel rooms and conference rooms.

Tefcold TM32:

This is a silent running refrigeration system. This makes it an excellent option for the hotel bedrooms and the boardrooms. It features the LED interior lights which are only turned on when the door is opened. It has the lock feature as well. It is equipped with adjustable feet and adjustable shelves. This is a built-in appliance and it can be placed in a cabinet with proper optional fixing kit and the ventilation holes are a must. The internal dimensions of the appliance are 400 x 316 x 215 mm (H x W x D), the external dimensions are 500 x 402 x 406 mm (H x W x D) while the packed dimensions are 530 x 450 x 460 mm (H x W x D). The capacity of the fridge is 31 liters and it has a temperature range of +5 C to +12 C. The refrigerant used in the appliance is NH3 and it requires a refrigerant charge of 70. It has one shelf and needs a power supply of 13 Amp. The maximum ambient temperature of the cooler is 25 C at 60 % RH. The electricity consumption of the chiller is 0.75 kWh/24h. It has an external finish of black and graphite while the internal finish is grey. The door of the fridge is hinged and the net weight of the appliance is 13.5 kg.

Tefcold TM52G:

This is one of the TM range glass door mini bar appliances and it is very popular for using in the hotel rooms, boardroom etc. It is equipped with a silent running refrigeration system which does not make any sound and stays silent. There is internal LED lighting present in this appliance as well, which helps in illuminating the interior of the fridge. The shelves of the fridge are adjustable and the feet are also adjustable. The mini refrigerator has low energy consumption, which makes it highly cost effective. It can be integrated into the cabinet, but the ventilation holes should be present so that the appliance can function properly. The fridge has a temperature range of +5 C to +12 C. the refrigerant used by the appliance is NH3. There are two adjustable shelves. The internal finish of the appliance is grey while the external finish is black or graphite. The power supply of the fridge should be 13 Amp. The maximum ambient temperature of the fridge is 25 C at 60 % RH. The door of the fridge is reversible and it has the capacity to hold 51 liters. The weight of the fridge is 19 kg.

These entire mini bar fridges are excellent options to be used. They are equipped with all of the best and efficient features. They are cost effective and they have good and stylish designs so they are easy on the eyes too.

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