Top 5 Ways to Boost Business Productivity with SharePoint

Increase Productivity with SharePoint

It is a highly competitive world, and companies are continually striving to do better each day to improve productivity and increase overall efficiency. In any business, managing documents, exchanging data through emails, and scheduling meetings requires continuous collaboration within the team. Which secure tool will you choose to collaborate with? Is it a feasible solution to implement multiple solutions for different types of hassles? Of course not. It’s great to go with one solution - Microsoft SharePoint, which overcomes all the challenges.

SharePoint is a web-based collaborative platform that seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Office. It is used by employees across various levels in an organization. It offers you a secure platform to store, organize, share, and access data from numerous mobile devices. SharePoint facilitates seamless collaboration among cross-departmental teams, document storage, and retrieval, specific document search, and all such required features by following stringent guidelines of enterprise-grade security and compliance.

Let’s read on to know the secrets to enhance productivity with SharePoint:

Document Management
It is a typical process in any company to create a document and then submit it to your coworker for review, edit, and approval. Multiple versions of a similar document get Employees to use it, and so does many files and folders. Managing these versions manually is a very tedious and time-consuming process. SharePoint’s Document Management feature allows you to manage documents with metadata, version tracking history, and check-in/check-out functionality so that only one person has total command control over the document at a particular time. It allows you to leave comments whenever you upload a report. You can drag and drop essential documents into secure folders and locate them in designated folders without the fret of getting misplaced. 

Regardless of small or significant alterations such as changing the title, adding a new section, or adding a new comment, followers (rest of the team) will immediately know about the modifications.

Improved Collaboration
SharePoint is a widely used enterprise-level platform that takes your business collaboration and communication to the next level by empowering employees to work together in real-time. So, it’s time to say goodbye to saving multiple versions of the same document on a shared drive record no more emailing revisions back and forth with the team. It facilitates you to create different sites within your SharePoint intranet to share content effortlessly and securely with team members and partners across various devices. 

SharePoint offers features such as Events List, Task List, Discussion Board, Versioning, and more, which ensures team collaboration throughout the project.

Project Management
SharePoint intranet provides a way to simplify and enhance your project management process. You can easily create shared calendars and workflows to track the status of tasks that are completed, in progress or pending. You can define deadlines for pending assignments and the person who is responsible for working on it.

SharePoint is a potent tool that comes with myriad features. It allows you to customize modules and create more features without coding, that best suits your organizational needs. Also, having too much unnecessary information and access to functions can, at times, become overwhelming and distract employees, leading to a decrease in overall productivity. SharePoint considers such factors and enables you to tailor interface based on the hierarchy structure of your organization.

Advanced Search
In earlier days, people tend to spend hours and hours searching for a particular content section of the document created long ago. Well, with the advent of SharePoint’s robust search capabilities, searching information has become much quicker and more comfortable. It examines not only document titles, but also the content inside the documents effortlessly. It allows you to see a quick preview of each record before you wish to open it.

How does SharePoint add value to my organization?

If your employees spend most of the productive time on the mundane business tasks and find it difficult to collaborate, then SharePoint is the way to go. SharePoint provides the capability to automate all the business workflows on a single platform. It is a robust solution to enable better collaboration, organize your documents, track information, and more. Therefore choosing the right SharePoint website development company will help you build collaborative solutions that best fit your business requirement.

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