Tired of Losing Data, Here is an Exclusive Solution

data backup

Many times, companies face a common problem of data loss due to any error virus or Trojan. Data in any organization is the most important and valuable asset. It could be the employee profiles, customers’ profiles, inventory documentation, or other legal documentation etc. This is true for every and any kind of company in the world. May it be from any industry, hospitality, business, educational, training, hotels, hospitals etc. And every size of an organization, may it be smaller enterprises or huge establishments, is equally the victim of this problem. Companies have faced this problem too common, and data loss makes a huge mess. Some of the company's data not only needs to be backed up but also suffers from security reasons which need to be addressed in a most reliable and especially cost-effective way. For this purpose, all the important data needs to be secured and a backup is needed to make it available at any time, even if primary copy is deleted or is somehow lost. These tapes are the magnetic tapes that were considered to be extinct in coming days, but due to their backup reliability they are still in the use but yes, they are still considered an old technology and are used little.

To keep your data safe and protected from any loss due to hard disk failure or other crash Trojans, these backup tapes give you a highly reliable and huge capacity storage medium which operates in magnetic tape technology. IBM that is famous for building some of the world's most reliable and excellent computing technology, a name that is known since its famous computing devices when the world gets to know about this technology for the first time, brings you the perfect solution to your computing problems. IBM 24r2137 vxa 2 tape is the tech gizmo that has all the necessary features that are an exact match to your needs. It is an amazing magnetic tape technology specially designed keeping in mind the highest standards of reliability and capacity to have all your data secured in it. It gives you a perfect backup development opportunity that gives you a freedom of having your data all secured and safe in the event of hard disk failures and other system crash problems. Presenting this amazing technology with an amazing huge capacity with 80 GB native and 160GB compressed data storage. Despite being relatively old storage technology, it also gives you the advantage of a fast data transfer with fast transfer rate like none other.

If you need a backup tape to secure all of your data you must be expecting a transfer rate that ensures the time saving and saves you from the boredom of waiting. IBM makes sure that the data is securely transferred to the tape and is transferred with the phenomenally fast speed. These backup tapes are designed with a specific purpose of keeping your data safe. It's rigid and protected built design makes sure that your data is safe from any crashes and viruses. Since it is designed to give you maximum benefits IBM makes sure that the data of small and medium enterprises is saved with the cost-effective feature.

One of the most excitingly superb feature of this tape is that the storage media is SLR which means not only reliability is at its maximum but it gives you the opportunity to have higher volumes of the data to be stored, and it also makes sure that you transfer your data with higher speed so that you may not face any data breakage or any data loss during the transfer process and all of your data is reliably transferred and secured into the backup device. And not only this but it also makes sure maximum security by providing you the feature of encryption for maximum reliability and security. IBM is the name you can trust on.

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