Timeless Bedroom Decor Ideas That Will Always Look Good

Timeless Bedroom Decor Ideas That Will Always Look Good

Timeless design will ensure your bedroom decor maintains classic style even when the seasons and designs trends shift. But what is a timeless design, and how can you achieve it in your bedroom decor?

Timeless style relates to the colors, furniture, and decorations in your bedroom. For a timeless look, you may need to minimize the use of patterns and oversized furniture. The timeless style is always clean and contemporary. Some specific colors and shapes can be incorporated into your bedroom decor. But first, you need to start at the central point of the bedroom.

What is the central point of your bedroom? Your bed, of course! Mattress sizes are essential to understand as they contribute to the space of your bedroom, and the style of the mattress is necessary for the quality of sleep you are getting.

If you aren’t already sleeping on a memory foam mattress, you should consider an upgrade for your bedroom design. It’s the perfect bed for every season. Once you have your bed in order, the second most important piece of furniture for a timeless look is your bed frame.

Generally, people only upgrade their mattress and bedframe every 5 - 8 years (some leave it for much longer)! When you are ready for an upgrade, it’s crucial to select a bed that helps you sleep better, and has a versatile style that can be dressed up or down with other bedroom decorations.

Make A Timeless Bed

You spend a lot of time in bed. In fact, more time is spent in bed than anywhere else in the world, let alone the house. If you are getting the recommended 8 hours of sleep, one-third of your life is spent laying on your mattress. That’s why you need to ensure you have the most comfortable bed possible.

When you are in the process of planning a new design direction for your master bedroom, mattress dimensions are essential. If you want your bedroom to always look good, you need to design it so it doesn't look overcrowded. A crowded bedroom can collect dust, get dark, and make you feel claustrophobic.

Bedroom space will never go out of fashion. In fact, the less is more approach to design has been trending for quite a few years and is likely to stick around. Many swear by the benefits of having more space in the bedroom. Benefits include better sleep, reduced distraction, cleaner air, and a calmer mind. Clutter in the bedroom is not a good idea.

If you have a king-size mattress, consider downsizing to a queen size mattress to make extra room. Once the size is in order, next move onto comfort. When it comes to comfort, memory foam is a standout performer as the best mattress for all types of sleepers. Memory foam mattresses contour to the body providing exceptional support to muscles and joints. Plus, they last a long time. You can often purchase a memory foam mattress with an extended warranty period.

Contemporary Bed Frames

After the mattress, next comes the bed frame. If you are looking for a timeless look in your bedroom, ensure you select a neutral color for your bed frame. Also, don’t buy a bed frame that is too heavy or hard to move around if you want to shift your furniture around in the future.

The best bed frames for a modern and contemporary design is an adjustable bed frame. Adjustable bed frames are trendy and will help you get better sleep than ever,

When you sleep on an adjustable bed base, you are in complete control. A wireless remote allows you to adjust the back and leg height of the bed for optimal comfort. The best adjustable bases also come with handy features such as USB ports, massage functions, and LED lighting.

An adjustable bed frame can serve a dual purpose when it comes to designing your bedroom. It will keep you unbelievably comfy while also acting as a statement piece in your bedroom.

Colors That Don’t Go Out Of Fashion

Let’s talk color. Certain wall colors just don’t belong in the bedroom. These colors include red, purple, brown, dark green, and bright yellow are the worst colors to paint your walls with. Not only will they look dated after the appeal wears off, but these colors are also said to lead to poor quality sleep.

The best color for the bedroom is white, light blue, or even light grey. Light colors make the room seem bigger and allow all the elements of your bedroom, such as your furniture, decorations, and artwork to work in synergy with one another.

There’s nothing worse than having to match bedroom decor with the walls, it makes decorating a nightmare. White walls with a feature of light blue or grey will never go out of fashion. For an elegant design the walls can be dressed up with a beautifully framed mirror or for a minimalist design dressed down with some clean shelving.

Not only are light-colored walls suitable for bedroom decor, but they can also contribute to helping you sleep better on your memory foam mattress. Light colors are natural on the eyes and create a greater sense of tranquility in the bedroom.

A bedroom must be a place that makes you feel relaxed as soon as you walk into it. Many bedroom decor ideas can look amazing, but ultimately, if the decor doesn’t help you achieve deep and rejuvenating sleep, it’s not the right type of style.

Strike a balance between timeless design and comfort by always starting with the critical ingredients of a perfect bedroom. Buying the most comfortable mattress possible must be your first point of call. Then as you move onto the bed frame and other design elements, you can logically set your room up to be your favorite room in the house.

You don’t need to break the bank to create the bedroom of your dreams. Take it step by step, and soon enough, you’ll have a bedroom design that will look incredible for years to come.

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