Things Every Bowling Enthusiast Should Know


Bowling is no rocket science. But if you learn a few standard techniques you should be able to master it quickly. Here are a few basics you need to know if you are a bowling enthusiast:

Bowling takes practice

Like any other sport, bowling also requires practice. You will have to learn the rules and follow them to make sure you do everything correctly, each time you bowl.

You have to use the proper technique

Bowling is a very competitive and interactive team sport that involves a lot of techniques. Learning these techniques will inflict a positive energy state within you while you are trying to have fun with your friends and family members

You have to know how to hold the bowling ball

It is holding the ball properly that can be the game changer when it comes to bowling. Take things one step at a time and practice until you perfect the technique. If this is your first time at bowling you may want to take a close look at the position of the holes on the ball. These are the spots where you will be placing your fingers.

You have to learn how to release the ball perfectly

Only if you understand the axis rotation will you be able to release the ball perfectly in bowling. If you have learnt geometry in school you would be aware of concepts such as axis, plans and angles. By releasing the ball, you are also releasing an entire geometrical construction. Hence you need to be aware of all the geometrical constructions before throwing the ball on to the platform.

You need to understand how to aim

Aiming is very important when it comes to bowling. The concept is almost the same as throwing a ball in football. It requires a lot of observation and practice. Establish the target first, identify the right spot, concentrate all your positive energy on it, and give it your best shot. Your goal should be to demolish the equilibrium of all the pieces. Most bowlers make the mistake of aiming at the middle of the seven pins while bowling. You must instead aim for the right arrow if you are a right-handed bowler. Left-handed people might be comfortably aiming for the left arrow.

You need to walk the approach the right way

This is all about identifying the perfect position to bowl from. You will figure this out while you walk towards throwing the ball. It is all about aiming and swinging. Once you are in your stance, you need to push the ball into swing as you take the first step.

Your opposite arm should go on the side during the down swing, putting the ball near the ball-side leg. With another step you will have to bring the ball to the top of the backswing. Now with the ball swinging forward and the ball-side leg moving behind you, you need to release the ball along the ankle of your slide foot. Stay in a balanced position while you watch the ball roll over the target and push its way into the pins.

Here are a few tips that can come handy:

  • You should ideally stand towards the left of the pins but close to the center dot
  • Make sure your knees are slightly bent
  • Hold the ball upwards
  • Place your right foot behind your left foot, toward the left
  • Once you bring the ball backwards, make sure your body is straight
  • Try and aim at the first arrow and the one to its immediate left for better chances of striking

Bowling can be a very satisfying hobby. Once you are clear about the techniques you can start looking for the right gear to give that push to your hobby. Aim on identifying the best bowling ball in town. Once you do, start practicing so that you can be perfect one day.

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