Create Memories to Treasure with an Experience Gift

drive a Ferrari

Of course, we all love to receive a gift from a friend or loved one and while most people give something tangible, there are other options such as experience gifts. This type of gift is becoming more popular, as people look for something special for their loved ones; what do you buy for a person who has everything? Look no further than an experience gift.

Here are a few examples of exciting experience gifts that are available from an experience gift operator.

  • Track time in a supercar – Your father/partner probably has a secret desire to drive a Ferrari around a racetrack; there are providers of such experiences and they can be found online. Imagine his surprise when he discovers he is booked in for a day at a well-known track to get behind the wheel of his dream car! Such an experience will never be forgotten, that’s for sure! Of course, you are not let loose in a supercar without some basic instruction, but once that is done, you are on your own with the car of your dreams.
  • Learning a new skill – You might know someone who would love to learn how to cook Thai food and this is another experience gift that you can set up. The lucky recipient can arrange to visit a cooking academy at their convenience and be taught by a certified chef; it could be Mexican, Vietnamese or Indonesian cuisine, whatever the person is interested in.
  • Jump out of a plane at 12,000 ft – A scary thought to leap out of a plane at such a height; you are hooked up on a tandem skydive with a qualified skydiver and you can experience freefall for a few minutes. If you know someone who loves adventure, this would be the gift for them! Who knows, it might just be the start of something new!
  • Flying lessons – If you have a friend or relative who has a fascination for flying, you can arrange for them to have a few basic flying lessons; as long as they are in good health, they can join an instructor and take the controls of a light aircraft. If getting a motorcycle is on your mind, here is a great article to read.
  • A relaxing weekend at a spa retreat – You might have a good friend who is currently experiencing a high level of stress; why not present them with a weekend pass at a top spa and wellness retreat? Such a gift is just what the doctor ordered and the lucky recipient has nothing more to do than make time for this unique experience.
  • Learn how to make cocktails – If you have a friend who absolutely loves alcoholic beverages, this is the perfect gift; simply search online for an Australian provider of experience packages; a one-day course that includes drinking the cocktails you make, what could be better than that? They can impress their friends next time they entertain and if they haven’t got one already, building a bar at home is a natural progression! Cheers! We’ll drink to that!
  • Magic show & tell – If your brother is a bit of an exhibitionist and he loves showing off, why to present him with a course in magic; not only will he see some amazing tricks, he will learn how to perform them! Magicians don’t normally tell anyone how they do what they do, so this is a bit of a scoop! It could be the start of an incredible career!
  • Escape room subscription – If your partner is someone who loves a challenge, you can present them with an escape room subscription that they can use whenever they feel like taking on a difficult challenge. Some of these rooms seem like an impossible task and clues can be dispensed if the participant gets stuck.
  • Learn to play the guitar – Many people mistakenly think they do not have what it takes to play a musical instrument, yet with an experience gift, your friend or relative can discover hidden talents they never knew they had!

If you are concerned about a person’s health & well-being, perhaps an experience gift is the perfect solution.

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