5 Athleisure Clothes Sportswear Fashion 2022

5 Athleisure Clothes Sportswear Fashion 2022

We have all noticed for some years, that after the return of the nineties fashion, the tracksuit has become the essential par excellence, to show off on (almost) all occasions.

We cannot deny that the style of the moment is very sporty, and perhaps you did not know that there is even a term in English that is used to refer to this new fashion. It, the keyword for streetwear that combines glamor and comfort. Athleisure is the trend that takes sportswear out of the gym, adapting it to every day and almost every occasion. Sporting sportswear in a glamorous or formal setting has become a trend, who would have thought it would happen? We certainly didn't!

Leggings and classic sweatpants with elastic waist and comfortable fit become an essential garment for any self-respecting fashion victim, becoming the protagonists of a new lifestyle, dynamic and constantly evolving, but always very urban.

The tops and t-shirts are cropped, following the 90s fashion line, ideal to be combined with oversized sweatshirts and hooded sports jackets.

And last but not least, you can't leave out a pair of good sneakers, always ultra-contemporary, to wear with blazers and dresses. A faithful outfit for men and women in this new fashion has to include these women's and men's accessories.

The 5 Iconic Athleisure Clothes

Here are the iconic athleisure garments, to better explain what we mean by the union of sportiness and comfort, functionality and fashion.

1. Leggings And Yoga Pants

The invasion began a few years ago, but its origin is clear: Leggings are the direct descendants, which later came to be used for skiing and dancing. They are perfect for all occasions, almost like pants or jeans. Of course, leggings have gone in the opposite direction: from the world of fashion, they have passed to that of sports. What is clear to us is that they are the most comfortable option to go anywhere.

2. The Sweatshirt

You can also call it a sweatshirt or a hoodie. In addition to their origins in sports, sweatshirts have evolved into a must-have for every wardrobe: With or without a hood, a central pocket, we all have at least two (but many of us have up to five or six). Sport and cinema both utilize the hooded version of this type of shirt that can call a good women's sports jacket.

3. Fisherman's Hat And Trucker Style Cap

The classic winter hats, the classic visor caps, and the trend of the moment: the bucket hat are ideal to complete any look to give an inspiring look.

4. The Tracksuit

The sweatshirt tracksuit has made history and now dictates the rules of casual fashion - excellent news for those fans of the sweatshirt who could only wear it to be around the house or to play sports. In case wearing only the top part did not convince you, with athleisure fashion you can also wear the bottom part as a set. Going in fashion with a sweatshirt as well as with a women's sports jacket has never been so comfortable.

5. The Slippers

The truth is that they are derived directly from the world of sport, especially exercise, and we are unable to live without them. The term "sneakers" dates from 1887 when the Boston Journal used it concerning "the name kids give their slippers." They were slippers with rubber soles and more "quiet" than traditional shoes ("sneak up on someone" refers to approaching someone silently).

You cannot go wrong with one of the current models on your feet: Air Jordan 1, Nike Blazer, or one that never goes out of style, such as Air Force 1, Adidas Gazelle, or even one that goes back in time, like the Adidas Ozweego.

Sportswear As A Cultural Phenomenon

It can almost be said, therefore, that the tracksuit is the "uniform" of the modern man and woman. It is the modernity of consumer habits, lifestyles, speed, and immediacy that drives us to choose sportswear to face the daily jungle of our metropolis, or so it seems.

So it is not just about sports and sports activities. It's about culture and style, fashion and sportswear. It is about defining a new concept of urban style, where comfort and style, functionality and fashion meet and influence each other. The union of all the elements seems to be a winning mix.

Take a look at the looks of celebrities who choose "sports-inspired" streetwear. The world of fashion does not miss the opportunity, create collections specifically for our daily needs.

Don't Overdo It:

Fashion rules are made more fluid with this sportswear trend, but that doesn't mean that they're completely ignored. Therefore, avoid transparencies and crop tops if you are working in an office or a formal setting.

Choose The Right Accessories:

The secret to turning sportswear into a groundbreaking and fashionable look is in the details. Hats and sunglasses are always a good option.

When In Doubt, Go For Black:

No matter what trend you opt for, black is a stylish choice that will never fail. Wear simple cuts and structured volumes to create your sporty look even in a completely black ensemble.

How Athleisure Was Born?

It probably all started with the leggings. Leggings did what T-shirts had yet to do: definitively transform sportswear into clothing for every day and all occasions.

The process that made sportswear "mainstream" began during the early years of the 20th century when improved living conditions in industrialized countries allowed workers in the leisure sector to engage in sports activities, entertainment, and relaxation. The search for more comfortable clothes became a real necessity: Sportswear was born, then so-called activewear, and finally athleisure.

Thus, behind this fashion, there is a cultural and social revolution that, over time, has also reduced the difference between men and women and has increasingly reasoned in terms of unisex clothing.

And that's not all: Now it is a fact that the world of fashion is inspired by urban life, taking it to the catwalks and not the other way around. This is one of the main reasons that has led sportswear to definitively free itself from gyms and sports activity.

Sport Or No Sport?

Why has all this comfort suddenly become necessary? The point is that the mix between sportswear and classic clothing is now in a more than the advanced stage, and today sportswear continues to influence fashion and style at unprecedented levels.

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