Spring Wedding: Main Details of the Organization

spring wedding

Spring is a great time for everything new. When nature awakens from sleep, it inspires people to accomplish. The choice of floristry is huge - here are tulips, daffodils, lilies of the valley, crocuses, and lilacs with jasmine. You will significantly save on one of the most expensive budget items, and at the same time, your holiday will literally be drowned in flowers. 

The image of the bride
Spring is the time of lace, light flying fabrics, airy silhouettes, and, of course, flowers in any form, be it even floral embroidery, or even a delicate wreath in the hair. You can choose an outfit not white, but a light peach, mint, or pale pink color - against the background of fresh greenery, it will look very organic.

Since the weather can be treacherous in early spring, it is better to take care of outerwear and reliable shoes. A light coat, knitted cardigan, jacket, or leather jacket will help keep you warm - choose things in light, pastel shades.

The image of the groom
Grooms can ditch the classic three-piece suit and go playfully casual with colorful accessories. It is better to replace the jacket with a stylish vest or cardigan. Spring images look especially magical in light colors like beige, blue, gray, and olive. But there is no need to put beauty above convenience - the groom should feel comfortable in the chosen image.

A place for celebration
In spring, the most suitable location for a holiday seems to us to be a blooming garden. However, there are some points that are still worth considering. Since rain is not uncommon at this time of the year, you need to have a plan "B" in reserve in the form of a tent, canopy, or covered terrace where you can hide from the rain. 

Perhaps the ideal place would be a country estate with a large garden. In the fresh air, you can hold a ceremony with a buffet table and arrange a luxurious photoshoot. Just imagine how magical it will be to pronounce allegiance, inhaling the invigorating spring air, in the scenery created by nature itself! Moreover, a wedding videographer can capture all these magnificent moments for years to come. And it is better to arrange a wedding dinner indoors since spring rarely indulges on warm evenings.

A classic of the spring genre is a photo against the backdrop of flowering gardens. It is very difficult to spoil such pictures, even if the newlyweds are not used to posing at all. Head to the city park or botanical garden in search of trees and bushes, and don't forget to bring atmospheric accessories such as umbrellas, raincoats, rubber boots.

Another option is a swing attached to a tree, where you can swing together or take turns. Photos will turn out light and airy - just the way you need them. If the weather is warm and sunny, you can fly a kite, have a picnic in a spring meadow, or ride vintage bicycles. You can also ask a wedding photographer to help you with ideas for a photoshoot beforehand.

Delicate pastel shades will help to convey spring romance in wedding decorations: ash pink, fresh greens, soft yellow, and sky blue. Sprigs of blossoming apple or cherry trees, thin tall candles, garlands of greenery, and delicate textiles in the main colors of the wedding will be the best decoration for tables.

Other spring details are natural branches, tree cuts, birdhouses as wish boxes, and pots with fresh grass. Some designers offer to reflect the Easter theme in the wedding and arrange baskets with colored eggs. With Easter-themed decorations and arrangements, you may want to consider adding Easter inflatables for an extra splash of festive flair. Easter inflatable decorations bring out the joyful spirit of Easter around your wedding venue with customizable designs and eye-catching colors.

To achieve the best results, pair these inflatables with other themed accessories and small details like table centerpieces—it could be just the thing needed to make lifelong memories. Puffs of cotton candy everywhere will help to add delicate colors - it will become both an airy element of decor and a delicious treat for children and adults.

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