Destination Wedding Bridal Lehenga Trends: Embracing Heritage Through Colourful Palettes


Destination venues make weddings even more special with scenic views, grandiose decor, and Insta-worthy backdrops. The wedding attire for destination weddings should also reflect the same beauty and elegance as your surroundings. The charm of bridal lehengas is unmatched even when it comes to wedding outfits. Set these beautiful bridal lehengas against regal heritage villas and royal palaces, and you will have the dreamiest wedding ever.

From the unparalleled allure of red to the vibrant colours that reflect regional diversity, colours play an important role in embracing culture and heritage. You can also bring together traditional aspects such as delicate embroidery and trendy modern colour palettes for picture-perfect bridal lehengas. If you are on the hunt for your dream lehenga, check out the latest bridal lehenga trends and our recommendations for different locations and venues.

Latest Trends:

1. Double Dupatta: The double dupatta trend is for the bride who wants it all. It combines the traditional dupatta style – that is tucked at the waist and draped over the left shoulder – and the over-the-head pallu.

2. Royal Aesthetic: While Bridal lehengas themselves reflect the regal silhouette, the royal aesthetic takes it up a notch. From plush fabrics and traditional red shades to elaborate jewellery sets and accessories, royal bridal lehengas will help you achieve a look fit for a queen.

3. Cape Sleeves: Many brides are combining the fun element of capes with the blouse of their bridal lehenga for a chic and whimsical look. You can opt for a long beaded cape or flowy sheer sleeves to elevate the outfit.

4. Exaggerated Ruffles: Whether you want a unique skirt hemline or sleeves with volume, you cannot go wrong with ruffles. You can also go for a ruffled dupatta that will add a waterfall-like feel to your outfits.

5. Contrast Colours: Multi-colour lehenga sets and ombre skirts, in contrast, shades are all the rage as the colourful outfits help you stand out. You can experiment with a wide range of colours and metallic tones, just remember to pick colours that match your wedding theme.

6. Organza: Organza skirts with prints and hand-painted details are an elegant and vibrant choice that will be ideal for the summer. The fabric is sheer and lightweight, making it perfect for daytime events.

7. Bright Floral Prints: Fabrics with intricate floral patterns add a graceful touch to bridal lehengas. The nature-inspired designs look brilliant and will help you achieve a boho-chic look when combined with off-the-shoulder blouses and flowing silhouettes.

8. Pastels: Seen on celebrity brides such as Anushka Sharma, Alia Bhatt, and Parineeti Chopra, the pastel wedding lehenga trend is refusing to die down. From blush pink tones to soft green and blue accents, pastel lehengas will help you look ethereal.

9. Fishtail: The fishtail skirt silhouette will allow you to truly flaunt your curves while wearing a lehenga. Fitted from the waist to the knees and flared at the bottom, the fishtail lehengas create the ideal hourglass shape and add a gown-like silhouette.

10. Veils: Many brides opt for elaborate veils with dramatic trails that are reminiscent of a Western bridal look. Combined with the blush pink pastel shade, veils add a touch of old European royalty to your look.

Colour Palettes For Different Locations

1. Palace: The ultimate wedding venue, many people are picking palaces to tie the knot as they reflect the rich regional history and offer a royal background for the special occasion. Opt for the traditional bright red bridal lehengas with a double dupatta style that also incorporates shades of orange and gold metallic work.

2. Beach: For heritage venues by the beach, opt for lightweight embroidery and pastel shades. Pick organza for the lightweight feel and sheen. Exaggerated cape sleeves will not only help add an interesting element but also allow for air circulation to keep you breezy and cool.

3. Hill Station: Monochrome ombre shades will look like a dream against the white snow-capped mountains. Opt for full sleeves and thicker silk or velvet fabrics to stay warm. You can also incorporate an embellished red shawl for a functional piece and polished look.

4. Lake View: Capture the beautiful lake-side sunsets in your lehenga with multi-colour pink, purple, yellow, orange, and red floral embroidery that is sure to make you stand out. For an added romantic touch, opt for ruffled sleeves or a dupatta.

5. Farm: To pop against the lush greenery of farm venues, opt for the trendy cerise (or Barbie Pink) for your lehenga with light gold or rose gold details. The separate bright-coloured pieces from the set can also be used later on with muted tones for multiple outfits.


Heritage locations provide a beautiful setting for weddings. Wearing colourful lehengas in such locations will help you get the best pictures on your big day. You can pick the best lehenga for your destination wedding location by combining the top trends and colour palettes. 

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