Some Tips for Real Estate Agencies to Start SEO Process

Some Tips for Real Estate Agencies to Start SEO Process

This is true that the real estate industry requires a lot of offline meetings, but the fact cannot be denied that like all other fields, a great role of the internet can be witnessed here also. As a matter of fact, the internet is the source wherefrom the hunt for properties starts for a number of people.

The abovementioned fact is confirmed by a 2017 report of the National Association of Realtors, America’s largest trade association working for influencing and shaping the real estate industry. According to the report, 53% of younger boomers and 44% of all buyers looked online for properties for sale.

So, there is no doubt that it has become essential for real estate agents now to be visible on the internet; otherwise, they may lose a big percentage of client-base. And, here SEO process comes into the picture. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, which is a way to increase the visibility of a website on the search engines like Google and Bing. Therefore, it will not be wrong to say that it is the time to focus on real estate SEO to attract focused clients.

Here are some of the tips for real estate agents, who are willing to build a strong online presence and get more clients.

1.Target Local Keywords

A large number of audiences search for the properties with local keywords, such as “New York real estate agents”.

So, you are required to focus on the city where you prominently deal in. A number of realtors provide their services in plenty of cities or regions, but when you start a website, you need to focus on the main city, where your business is prominently based on.

You need to select keywords, which define your business as well as services. For example, it can be a combination of the city with the phrases like “real estate agent” or it can be the combination of city names with “houses for sale”. These are the keywords, which are searched widely by the real estate clients.

You can research more keywords, which are best suitable according to your business. It can be done with the help of the tools like Google Keyword Planner and SEMrush. You need to work on two aspects while you research for the keyword.

Which are the probable keywords for your real estate business?
Which of these keywords are searched for most?

Both the options can be found in the keyword research tools. After this process, you need to start targeting them.

Keywords should be added in the website content, blog content, Meta description, video descriptions, and many other places, but you have to keep caution that they should not be excessive.

2. Use Business Directories

While a number of your potential clients search Google or Bing for the information on the real estate, there is a huge portion of them who find their way through a local directory listing. These directories are not just perfect to get the traffic on your website, but also help your website in getting some more points for the search engine ranking, especially the directories associated with search engines.

Some of the popular directories, whose help you can take include:

Google My Business
Bing Places

Among these directories, Google My Business and Bing Places are worth mentioning as these are the directories of two major search engines – Google and Bing. Therefore, these directories have a major role in the search engine visibility of the businesses.

#Search Engine Directories

Google My Business is free and easy-to-use tools for the businesses as well as organizations for managing their online presence across Google, which include search and maps. When you add your business information on Google My Business, you help the clients to find you and tell them about your business. Besides, when you add your business information to Google My Business along with your website, your site starts crawling in Google ranking. Moreover, your location is also included to Google Maps.

Similarly, Bing Places is the Bing’s directory for the same purpose. Here also, you add the information about your real estate firm, and your website starts its process of ranking plus your location is added to Bing Maps.

You get a lot more benefits of adding to the search engine directories in regard to visibility over the search engines. Your location is added to the Google Maps and Bing Maps, which is why when someone searches for the real estate agents at your location; he/she finds your name list on the top of the search engines along with the maps.

Listing in maps also helps the visitors in finding the way to your place through their mobile devices.

#Real Estate Directories

Apart from the above-mentioned search engine or business directories, there are some directories, which are specific to the real estate agency. These directories are used by a number of real estate agency seekers. Zillow, Trulia, RedFin and are is some of the perfect examples in this regard, and you can get similar directories for your listing.

3.Content and Video Marketing

Content and video marketing have become to major aspects for the real estate SEO in the past few years. First, you need to build great content on your website. Another thing you need is to maintain a blog space on your website as well as some external blogging website.

In your blog posts, you need to educate the audience about the present real estate trends, solve their queries about real estate, and add a lot more valuable information.

Similarly, you need to add videos on the platforms like YouTube. Videos are the perfect sources to provide any type of information in any way. Besides, human in visual in nature and a large number of people like to watch videos on YouTube or other video hosting platforms for getting any type of information they want. In fact, the total number of YouTube monthly viewers worldwide is 149 million.

Through videos, you can provide the same information you share through the written content on blog posts in a more engaging way. You can provide small documentaries, tutorial, etc. in the videos, which can be attractive for the audiences. You can get some best examples of real estate videos on the YouTube channel of Team Taylor TV.

Also, don’t forget to share your video on your blog post, when you add a new video.

4.Incorporate Social Media

Social media platforms are the major online spots for marketing of any product and service, and for real estate marketing also, it is being proved to be a boon. When you incorporate social media, you definitely get a benefit in SEO ranking, as social media is one of the major factors for driving traffic over a website.

Besides, social media provides you with a chance to engage with the audiences. You can tell the individuals about the latest trends of real estate marketing, resolve their queries and a lot more at your social media profile or page.

You can engage with the audiences by replying them to their comments, starting surveys or quizzes, hosting live videos and so on.


These are some of the SEO tips you can follow for your real estate marketing. SEO is a vast process, and you also need to do a lot more work to drive traffic on your website.

You can get the assistance of the digital marketing services for accomplishing this purpose. These services have a team of experts, who have a vast knowledge and experience in the SEO process and other aspects of digital marketing.

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