Simpler and Cleaner Interior Design Guidelines

Whether you plan on a move to a completely new home or you want to improve the home you currently have with a new and exciting interior design, then you will need to look at some simpler designs or come up with some of your own for a quick and easy solution. Let us start with a few of these potential choices and how you can use them:

  • You need to start by working on painting rooms in a different palette, such as a softer one that helps make your rooms appear larger and more spacious by comparison to before. Any room can feel cramped if you go about the colors in a wrong way, as this could quickly turn a bright room into something akin to a cave that simply kills the mood. Lighter colors will also help reflect exterior light to lower the need for artificial sources of light during the day. Make sure you have large windows too if you want to utilize this in the best possible way. They may require fairly frequent cleaning, but it will be worth it in the long run. Doing your best to avoid that boxed in feeling brought about by darker colors will have an excellent aesthetic you can enjoy.

  • You can make use of mirrors to bring about a more spacious look that you can count on instead of worrying about cramped quarters. The use of well placed decorative mirrors could quickly transform a small, dark room into something much more pleasant to the eyes and mind. Just do remember you will still need to do a good bit of cleaning in rooms with mirrors, as they will collect dust and will require this type of work.
  • You can have a lot of variety by working on matching and mixing any pattern and style of your choice, so feel free to explore the potential you can work on. Everything you place inside the house becomes a testament of your character, tastes and past so make sure you do it in a way that mirrors that the right way and not by following fashion trends, unless you are absolutely devoted to such. You would also do well to consider deep house cleaning as part of the project as all your decorations and designs won’t matter if you choose poorly in terms of surfaces and materials.

Simple and Clean Interior Design Guidelines2

  • You can make better use of slip covers if you want to completely change your furniture’s looks. You can use these to ensure you have the perfect approach to the job at hand. They will not carry a big price and you can make use of them for a wide variety of furniture thanks to the materials and colors available on the market. These can be an amazing addition to your kids’ room or any other location around the house that requires a bit more in terms of care. Make sure you also work on cleaning and washing them on a regular basis if you want solid results.
  • You can find a number of older ottomans that have pretty much seen better days, but the truth is you can give them a chance at a new life without way too much work. It will take some reupholstering and repainting if needed, but in the end you can turn the ottomans into a storage space of your own. This will help update your furniture in a meaningful way without having to worry about purchasing anything new. Do keep in mind this will be a job that consumes a lot of time to setup, so you will need to set aside at least a few days to make it work, such as a weekend and a bit more.

  • You can even use false books to make for an interesting home décor with a practical side on its own. How can you do that you say? Well it may be easier than you think, since when it comes down to decoration false books can be attached to a wall in groups to serve as a DIY bookshelf. You need to work on this by marking the locations of the L-brackets as well as the areas for drill holes you need for screwing anchors. Once that is done you can just screw them on the wall, followed by attaching the books onto the brackets themselves. Once that is done you can also add a small display somewhere in a focal point in the setup. Do keep in mind you will need to work on doing regular deep cleaning and dusting if you want to have solid results, so either do the cleaning alone or through a professional cleaning company for that and the rest of your home.

  • You can make use of clear glass and some ceramic dishes to make something pretty good – a DIY planter without way too much work. It could be a bit tricky, but it will work. Glue both of them together and you can make planters that stack into each other. Fill them up with a layer of grave, covered with a layer of great potting soil. Place river rocks, moss, driftwood and more around them and you will have a little piece of nature right inside your home. Use a brush for cleaning purposes and you will have no issues at all.

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