Show Off Your Personality with an Area Rug

Show Off Your Personality with an Area Rug

When choosing a rug, you want one that expresses who you are to anyone who visits. While this sounds like an easy task, it's often more difficult than most people assume. Deciding what pattern, color, and texture are right for your room can get overwhelmingly fast. Follow these tips for selecting the right rug for your personality. 

First Identify Your Style

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The first step in finding the right rug to show off your personality with is identifying your style. If you already have a style you are working within your home, this may be easy. If not, consider the following when selecting what style is right for you: 

Contemporary rugs are made out of almost any kind of fiber while incorporating stark contrasts, bright colors, solid, abstract, and geometric patterns.
Traditional rugs include intricate designs or floral prints and are typically, but not always, made of wool. 
Transitional rugs combine elements from both contemporary, traditional, and other types of rugs creating a piece that can be used in any style of the room. 

Next, Decide on Fibers

Once you decide on the style you want, you can move onto the materials and fibers you want to work with. While budget may play a role in this decision, as synthetic materials are generally more cost-friendly than natural ones, it's not always the only deciding factor. Other things to consider include:  

All-natural: Is exclusively using natural fibers important for you? If yes, you will want to stick with silk, jute, viscose, cotton, wool, and other organic fibers. 
Casual vs. Formal: Is your personality more casual or formal? Being able to clearly identify which you are will make choosing your rug easier. 
Functionality: Need something durable and truly functional for a casual room or large family? You'll probably want to stick with synthetic fibers. 
Green living:  Is supporting companies with green operations important? Are you a vegan? If yes, your fiber selection may be slightly more limited. 

Flair and Personality: While picking a region mat, make certain to search for one that can go about as the establishment of the room's plan. Region carpets come in all shapes, sizes, examples, and tones—so track down the one that accommodates your space and its capacity. All things being equal, settle on an eye-getting roundabout or square floor covering to add further style to a high-traffic region.

Then Pick a Color

Deciding on what color or colors you want to use in your rug can help when selecting a rug that speaks to your individual and unique personality. Choosing a color based on the palette already being used in the room design is one option. Another is thinking outside the box to find a pattern and color that shows off your personality.


Finally, Select the Right Size

While a large living room area rug may fit your personality, it may not fit your room. A rug's relation to the room it's going in will help in expressing your sense of style and personality. 

A smaller 2x3 rug can add a quirky pop of style or color to a corner of a room, walk-in closet, or entryway. 
A medium 5x7 rug is ideal for smaller living rooms, under a queen-size bed, or home office. 
A large 8x10 or bigger rug works when trying to arrange furniture in a larger living room or formal dining room. 

Whatever rug you select, you're sure to be happy with the results when using the tips above and choosing one based on your own personality.

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