Should You Replace Your Drainage System?

water drainage

Knowing when to replace a drainage system isn’t always easy. While a complete drain replacement inevitably results in a little inconvenience while the work is underway, leaving a damaged system in place could cause a wide range of problems, including sudden flooding and property damage.

Although drain replacement is always an option, there are alternative ways to enhance the functionality of your plumbing. If you want to improve your drainage system without going to the trouble of replacing pipework, take a look at these alternative options:

Drain Unblocking and Jetting

If your drainage system isn’t working well, it could be due to a build-up of debris. This is an extremely common issue and, if it’s treated early, it shouldn’t require any form of replacement. In fact, the vast majority of blocked drains can be resolved with no-dig repairs. This means specialist technicians can unblock your drains and enhance their functionality without digging down to the pipe itself. Essentially, it ensures your drains can be fixed in minimal time and with no hassle, mess, or complicated excavation work.

If you’ve already tried to unblock your drains and they’re still not working optimally, there’s no need to panic. Many of the products and techniques used to unblock drains aren’t as effective as you’d like to think. Rather than relying on store-bought cleaners or home-use products, it’s important to access industrial-grade services.

When you use a professional drain clearance company, like FS Drainage, you’ll have access to a wide range of superior services. Firstly, your system can be fully assessed with a residential CCTV drain survey, which will ensure the blockage can be accurately identified and pinpointed. Once the problem is known, experienced technicians will use powerful drain jetting to remove any blockages. With an unprecedented level of power deployed with precision, drain jetting removes blockages and successfully clears drainage systems in both residential and commercial buildings.

Of course, you can only access these powerful drain clearance services by contacting a professional company. Simply pouring hot water down your sinks or using chemical cleaners to try and clear a blocked drain won’t have the same impact. With pro-grade drain jetting, however, even the most stubborn blockages can be cleared in minutes.

Drain Relining

When pipework starts to sustain damage, property owners tend to assume a full replacement is needed. However, if you address the problem quickly enough, damaged drains can be properly repaired without the need for a replacement.

Drain relining is a fantastic alternative to drain replacement, particularly if you’re looking for a solution that is long-lasting, reliable and requires no maintenance. When you reline drains, you’re essentially putting a pipe within a pipe and preventing any existing damage from affecting the functionality of your system.

Once in place, the drain liner carries the contents of the pipe, so any cracks or weaknesses in the original drain become irrelevant. The ideal solution for older pipework, cracked drains, or structural damage, drain relining doesn’t even require any digging or excavation.

To install a drain liner, technicians will assess the drainage system using CCTV drainage equipment. When the damage is identified on-screen, an engineer will discuss the potential repair options with you and provide bespoke advice. If drain relining remains a viable option, you can choose to have a no-dig drain repair carried out swiftly, rather than arranging for a full replacement project to be undertaken.

As one of the most efficient and cost-effective ways to resolve damaged drains or weakened pipes, relining can save you money, time, and upheaval. What’s more, the right company will ensure their work is guaranteed and give you complete peace of mind.

Addressing Drainage Issues

Every property owner dreads the day something goes wrong with their drainage system, but it can happen at any time. While routine maintenance will help to prevent any unexpected disasters, few people take a proactive approach when it comes to monitoring their drainage systems.

In fact, a surprisingly large number of people put off dealing with drainage issues because they assume it will be costly, complicated, and messy. Unfortunately, this means numerous property owners are risking building damage by delaying repairs that could be carried out quickly and simply.

If you think your drainage system isn’t working as well as it could be or if you simply want to check whether any maintenance work is required, it’s important to contact a reputable drainage firm. With expert assessment and custom advice, you can maintain the safety and functionality of your property, as well as accessing no-dig repair solutions if they’re needed.

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