SEO vs PPC: Which webpage marketing strategy is More effective in Lead Generation


If you are in the pursuit of increasing your business sales through search results, then you have two options to choose from - SEO and PPC. 

SEO stands for Search engine optimization, and PPC stands for Pay-Per-Click. Every technique has its benefits and drawbacks. So, what should you choose between the two?

Are you confused between SEO and PPC? What should rely on, to earn your place in the search result webpage? Are you in a mood to do work for an extended period to earn the top spot organically? We can mentor you and help you come out of this dilemma. 

We made insight research with a top SEO company and talked at length about SEO and PPC. So, we are qualified enough to tell you which tool works best under what circumstances and when using both tools is the best idea. 

So, further wasting any time, let’s get started.

Which Tool Generates More Sales: SEO or PPC?

Reasons- why SEO is heavily preferred over PPC.

SEO is an effective tool for driving sales for the business. Leads come through the organic pipeline. If a company can publish good content and optimize the website content daily, nobody can stop your business to evolve.

SEO is undoubtedly a long term approach and an effective tactic as compared to PPC. In PPC, you have to pay a certain amount to display your business at a specific position on a search result webpage. If you withdraw from PPC, your business disappears from the results.

You can assume that PPC is like a tap and SEO is like an open river. SEO can drive more sales than PPC because of its sustainability over a long period.  

SEO Generates Quality Leads

SEO is an organic approach, so there are fewer bounce rates as compared to PPC. A website found through organic results has better CTR, dwell time on a web page, therefore, leading to lead generation results better.

SEO achieves this by ranking the exact keyword which is searched on a search engine.

The complexity of SEO makes the task challenging to build the authority of a website. But, the organic practices are the best way to improvise website ranking for high-traffic keywords, and the leads start coming.

SEO is cost-effective as it drives low-cost sales to the business.

Most of the time, people tend to skip past the ads listed in search results. The business using SEO practices ranks higher and leads trust such a company more than the one with ads. 

While there are 30% of respondents, say PPC is better than SEO. Here’s why.

PPC Targets Specific Audience

PPC has a laser-focused approach that helps in driving higher sales through potential customers who readily visit the website.

PPC targets according to the age, location, type of business, etc. This is a strategic way of catering to your audience. 

For new companies with their products, they cannot seek a long term (SEO) approach. If they want to create an immediate impact on their audience, PPC is an adequate tool. 

PPC helps in driving faster sales and grows your business quickly. The results are tenfold in a shorter span of time, and after running a paid ad, results start flowing within a few hours. 


PPC Lets You Iterate More Rapidly

Understanding the data is a crucial aspect of running a paid campaign. By comparing and analyzing keywords, ad copies that have provided a substantial profit to your business, results can be more beneficial. 

After the implementation of strategic changes to the paid campaign, wait for at least a couple of weeks for favorable results. 

Understand that your goal is to get more leads and sales. Do not focus on optimizing ad campaigns for the clicks, as clicks do not get you any leads or bring sales to your business.

It is essential to experiment with ad copies, keywords, and various landing pages to discover the right strategy to get sales. 

There are various vital parameters to fine-tune your strategy. For example- the location which isn’t part of the campaign should be eliminated. What is the primary device of your customers - desktop or mobile?

PPC helps in Branding and Visibility 

As your brand is always on the top of the search results, it draws maximum brand awareness. Search Engine Results Pages (SERP) shows your brand at the top with relevant keywords.

Additionally, bidding on industry keywords used by your competitors helps in enhancing brand awareness. 

But how?

Let’s say, a user searches competitors’ brand names, and the search query will also show your brand name suggesting a user a credible option to consider for the same service.


SEO and PPC are two distinct tools of marketing. It is easier to compare which tool is more effective for a particular business in a certain situation. 

The best tool for your brand depends upon what you are selling in the market. If something is highly transactional and comes at a low cost, it will be selling like a hot cake. Thus, PPC is your tool for the Google shopping campaign.

If your brand has keywords like law, insurance, real estate, property, etc., SEO is going to the best tool for your business prospects. For sure, the strategy is going to take about six months to show conversions. 

So, without shelling any penny for PPC, your business can benefit from organic clicks.

Wrapping Up

Having said all of the above, we suggest you have a layered approach.

It is impossible to rely solely on one distinct tool. Both techniques go hand-in-hand. Plus, using both tools rationally is a winning strategy. Do not put all your eggs in a single basket. 

No tool is a one-stop solution. Understand when and where your business requires a quick sale and where your business needs to establish as a brand among your clientele organically. 

Never be exceedingly dependent on a single tool, as the external dynamics can/does hurt your business in a subtle or apparent way.

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