Relocating to Aberdeenshire in the New Year


The end of the year brings time for reflection and reassessing what we want in life and the changes we want to make. As the rise of home working spoked by the 2020 pandemic saw a significant increase in house sales, you might be looking at your current surroundings and feeling like you require a change of scene. Many companies are opting to do away with a physical office altogether as the overheads are lower, and many of us would rather work from home all the time.

Turning Your Back on the City

Many studies have shown the adverse effects that come from living in a city. Being in the harsh environment of an urban centre can have both physical and mental implications. When the option of home working became more plausible for people working across a number of different industries, the property market saw an exodus out of the city. It’s easy to see why, as many people would rather live in a place that isn’t so built up with other commuters and workers adding time to their daily commute.

Why Choose Aberdeenshire?

Scotland is on the top of the list of many prospective homeowners seeking to trade city life for the country. However, some parts of the country are overexposed. Edinburgh house prices are high, and Skye is famous as an island community that experiences overcrowding. Aberdeenshire is an underrated and overlooked corner of the country. It’s every bit as pretty as other parts of Scotland but doesn’t feel as populated as areas across the Central Belt.

House Prices are Better

One of the big impacts of the covid pandemic is the influence on house prices. Since March 2020, the UK has been in something of a housing boom, and many sellers have enjoyed getting a reasonable price for their homes. Different parts of the UK have different house prices in terms of desirability. Still, a look at recent house price data from local property experts will show that Aberdeen city and the surrounding area are relatively affordable when compared to other parts of the UK.

Countryside Activities to Enjoy

One of the main draws that bring people into the countryside is the fact that they can enjoy more rural pursuits. Aberdeenshire makes the perfect base to enjoy a number of different activities. Hillwalkers and hikers will love the Munros and walking routes on the edge of the highlands. Aviemore is not too far away for those who like to hit the slopes in winter. Having all of this to enjoy right on your doorstep can do wonders for your mental health.

Amenities in Aberdeen City

While this article has gone a long way to showcase the countryside of Aberdeenshire, it’s important to remember that a well-sized city is right in the same area. Aberdeen has everything you could want on your doorstep and helps to eliminate the feeling of being cut off from city life. There is an airport, good shopping options and a range of museums to enjoy here as well. Some people struggle to make that change of pace when coming out of a busy city. Having Aberdeen along the road will help you from feeling isolated from the things you might miss when living in a city.

Now you have seen some of the lifestyles you can enjoy when you relocate to the Scottish North East and Aberdeenshire. It’s an undiscovered part of the country that can offer a whole new way of living to those who want to leave the stresses and strains of city life behind them. The potential benefits to both your career and overall well-being are huge. Given how tough the last year has been on many of us, you should consider how a move to a part of the world like Aberdeenshire could have the potential to improve things for you in a number of different ways. All it takes is that first step of research.

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