Questions to Ask When Deciding on Van Upfitting

Questions to Ask When Deciding on Van Upfitting

If you have a cargo van in your fleet, you appreciate how handy these vehicles are for your operations. Whatever the type of business you are in, a good van serves as a worthy workhorse. It can serve for transporting goods, tools and work equipment. Vans are a favorite with service providers due to the large cargo space, powerful engine, and versatile body design. Modern vans now come with cutting-edge features making them safer and more efficient. However, your commercial van can only do so much with the original manufacturer’s design and features, and this is where van upfitting comes in handy. By upfitting, you will customize the van to meet your specific business purposes. The process includes fitting tailored accessories for your van model to suit your business needs.

Brief Overview of Van Upfitting

However good the van you buy looks, you will soon realize there are some jobs it can’t do. If you are a contractor, for instance, you might need a ladder rack on your van to make it easier to transport ladders and other bulky tools. Van upfitters work with you to understand your business needs and identify accessories such as van shelving and roof racks which can boost the performance of your workhorse.

They are specialists in customizing accessories for vans, and they will get the job done within the time you have set out. A van upfitter supply premium van parts and accessories which they then tailor to suit your business needs.

The best van upfitting work should help:

  1. Boost productivity of your crew by making their work more efficient
  2. Enhance safety standards by reducing the risk of injury
  3. Enhance service delivery through high-class artistry
  4. Increase the performance of the van by increasing capacity

Now that you have decided to uplift your van to boost your operations, there are some crucial factors to consider. It is a costly undertaking and to help you make an informed decision, ask the following questions:

Is Van Upfitting Necessary Now?

One of the biggest concerns commercial van owners have with upfitting is the time and cost the project consumers. They ask and rightly so whether the project is worth the investment. Well, to appreciate the importance of upfitting your van, you need to consider the impact it will have on your operations.

Some fittings such as ladder racks and fog lights enhance safety and reduce the chances of injuries for your crew. High safety standards avert costly work compensation lawsuits and property damage cases. Other van accessories such as shelves and van partitions help organize cargo space leading to more productivity. In essence, every custom fitting has a job, and in combination, all these fittings give you a competitive edge in your business.

What Is The Feeling Of The Crew About Upfitting?

Before going ahead with an upfitting job, it is important to talk to your crew. Remember these are the people who use the vehicle and they understand their needs better. Many crew managers make decisions without consulting the crew and end up regretting their decision. While van upfitting has many benefits, it is crucial to bring everyone on board to incorporate all ideas for a better upfitting job.

What Is The Exact Purpose Of A Specific Upfitting Job?

The fact that every extra system fitted on the cargo van cost money makes it necessary to review the benefit to the business. In this regard, you need to ask whether the upfitting job will enhance safety conditions, boost productivity or improve flexibility in the working conditions. By asking these questions, you will avoid unnecessary fittings proposed by the crew or the van upfitters.

What Is the Van Upfitter’s Experience In Job?

The popularity of vans on the roads has seen many upfitting companies emerge in every city. Before working with any upfitting company, ask for their work experience in the industry. It is advisable to work with only experienced upfitters who have access to the best van accessories and parts. Talk to other van owners and get referrals and take time also to read reviews and testimonials by other van upfitting clients. The more information you have about your van upfitter, the better to evaluate their services.

Do You Give Any Quality And Safety Guarantees For Your Products?

Before allowing any upfitting job to start on your commercial van, ask for quality and safety guarantees of the parts used. A reliable upfitter will provide guarantees for all parts used. They will also explain the quality standard tests done on these parts to guarantee their performance and safety. If possible, look for third-party certifications for the tailored parts to confirm their quality.

What Is The Range Of Your Van Accessories?

To identify the most reliable van upfitters in the market, look at the range of custom accessories they have in their inventory. For a good van upfitting job, look for an upfitter who offers both the accessories and the upfitting job under one roof. Some of the common accessories to look for include roof racks, ladder racks, van organizers, van partitions, shelving, modular storage, mobile office accessories, utility hooks, lighting accessories, inverters, floor mats, bin storage, drawers, fire extinguishers among others.

What is the Turnaround for the Job?

You should ask about turnaround when evaluating different companies to identify the most dependable. The best van upfitter will give a concrete timeline for the job from the initial meeting, evaluation of the van, design of the part, fitting and testing. With such a timeline, you can arrange for an alternative means of transportation when your cargo van is the workshop.

By asking these questions, you can identify the best van upfitters in your area, identify the most crucial uplifting job for your business and ensure the van accessories fitted meet the highest quality and safety standards. There is no denying that van uplifting is important for your business and with the answers to these questions, you will make the most informed decisions and get good value for money in the project.  

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