Pros and Cons of Moving to Aberdeen

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Deciding to move is a big decision. How can you be sure the new city is worth it? Will you find a house to call home? Will it be worth all the packing and stress? There’s so much uncertainty.

If you’re reading this article, it’s safe to say you’re considering moving to Aberdeen. Aberdeen is in the northeast of Scotland and has a population of 227,000. It’s a great city to move to and has even been ranked third as one of the best places to live in the UK!

However, as with everywhere, there are pros and cons to living in Aberdeen. Here are some points to consider before making the move.



Safety should be at the top of your list when moving to a big city. Finding a city that is safe will give you the perfect peace of mind.

Aberdeen has a low crime rate, even though it’s the third-largest city in Scotland. It has also received the Purple Flag award numerous times over the past decade. This flag is awarded to cities with a safe evening economy, giving you peace of mind while out and about at night.

Transport links

It’s easy to get around Aberdeen. Whether you drive, bike, or even boat – there’s a transport system for everyone.

Driving around Aberdeen is easy, but it’s also easy if you haven’t got a car. Thanks to the train station and bus service, you’ll never be stranded! Or, for those looking to increase your fitness, you’ll never have to worry, thanks to the city’s cycle lanes. Plus, you can head off on an adventure to Lerwick or Kirkwall by the ferry terminal or head further afield by catching a flight at Aberdeen airport.

The beach

Who can forget Aberdeen beach? While the beach is nothing compared to Barbados’s warm, sandy beaches, it’s still a great place to spend time.

You can stroll alongside the seafront with a partner, friend or dog. As you go, there are plenty of shops, cafes, restaurants, and even a fun fair! For adventurous people, look out your wetsuit and get in the water. Aberdeen is great for surfing, kayaking and more.


The weather

However, although the beach is brilliant on a bright summer’s day, it’s quite different in the winter. You’ll definitely not want to bring your bikini!

Aberdeen is the second rainiest city in Scotland and is known for its wild, windy weather. And, while it’s known as the sunniest city in the north, it’s still cold during the winter – with temperatures averaging 2°C.

The students

This one won’t be a con if you’re a student yourself. Aberdeen has two great universities, and a result of this is how many students move to stay in the city, making up 15% of Aberdeen’s population.

If you’re a fellow student looking to make friends – this probably belongs on the Pro list. However, if you’re moving for work with your uni days far behind you, living amongst students might be your idea of hell. Take this into consideration before settling on a home.

The granite

Aberdeen has been affectionately nicknamed the Granite City. This nickname comes from the granite many buildings are made from in the city.

While these buildings are beautifully made, they’re all the same colour: grey. Combining this with the dull weather, Aberdeen often seems a wash of grey. During the winter months, this grey wash could affect your mood.

Should you move to Aberdeen?

Only one person can answer this question, and that’s you. Some people may read this list and only see reasons to stay clear of Aberdeen. Others may see the potential of moving their life to Aberdeen. Everyone’s different, and you must do what’s right for you.

Take time to think, reflect, and research. Look at local listings of Aberdeen homes and envision yourself living there. How does it feel?

Is Aberdeen calling you?

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