Precautions to be Taken at a Lifting Equipment Store

To be on a safer side is much sensible approach rather than get affected with the unforeseen circumstances while working with any lifting equipment store. As per each available equipment, there is a different approach to follow to safeguard all resources.

A lifting equipment store comprises a wide range of items, both small and large, that are capable of lifting and moving heavy loads. The basic motto of these devices is to lift the load of varied sizes, and as per their holding capacity, the types of equipment and their usage varies. These devices include material handling, manual handling, lifting gear and much more.

Like any other working area, a lot of risk is associated with the lifting equipment as per the areas where it has been and also as per the working conditions. There are so many safety reasons associated while using these range of equipment. They must be regularly inspected to be on safer side. There might also be the cases when you have to safeguard against the injuries while lifting the weighty objects.

Below points must be mentioned for a safer loading in any lifting equipment store-

There must be a proper check on the working environment.

  • Routes must be leveled and marked in an optimized way to avoid potential hazards like overhead power lines and steeply sloping ground.
  • A one-way system should be used where possible.
  • Speed limits must be mandatory and should be clearly displayed, where it must be reduced for cases like adverse site conditions and areas near work in progress.
  • The working environment should be kept neat and decent, with obstacle-free floors and access routes.
  • Good lighting levels to see with clarity about all potential hazards.

Have a thorough study of machines as per-

  • fuel, oil, and water levels,
  • water, fuel, and hydraulic lines for leaks,
  • the condition of the tracks or tires,
  • the condition of attachment cutting edges and teeth, visibility from the cab, windows, mirrors and lights, worn or slippery surfaces, etc.

Signaler must be efficiently used

  • Loads should be moved via a crane operator using a signaler, as per the established code of signals.
  • Hand signals are preferred here.
  • A signaler is required in the cases if the operator's view of the intended path of travel is obstructed.

Unattended vehicle must also be taken care of

  • An unattended vehicle must be kept with the engine switched off, and the gear should be left in neutral handbrake on unless the vehicle is on a marked incline.
  • For an unattended machine, tipping bodies should also be lowered. In the rare cases when it is necessary to keep them in the raised position, they should prevent their fall via blocking.

Wear safety shoes

  • Drivers and their assistants must carry safety shoes during loading and unloading.

Diversified safety measures for different Loads

  • In lifting loads, different situations and issues might occur. For small loads, there is less risk of damage and injury, but for heavy loads, barriers must be there to ensure that no one will be around while it is moving.
  • An assistant should be hired during the relocation of heavy objects through a crane or similar equipment.
  • The studies have shown that most of the accidents happen because of the failure of secondary equipment. These are the equipment affixed between the load and lifting device and some standard safety features must be followed in such context.


While lifting heavy loads, there is always a risk associated that might be taken care of, for safe results at any lifting equipment store. There are few of the measures that can be genuinely taken care of to avoid any riskful situation. Below points can help to a great extent to safeguard both the manpower and the site location accessories as well.

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