Must Check Out an Attractive Features of On Demand Food Delivery Services

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We are living in the world where tech treat for foodies is now a common trend for everyone. Online food delivery has already made a mark in the industry. Now the time has changed every restaurant and food from every culture has come online.

This App world gives us the facilities to avail every feature in our mobile phones. When you are carving just download the app from on demand app, search for food from a nearby restaurant, super tasty and mouthwatering images start appearing on your screen, after selecting the best food you can Oder it and enjoy it at home.

A Survey conducted in 2016 says, the food delivery market has Revenue in the "Food Delivery" segment amounts to US$3, 080m in 2018. Since 2022 this market volume will be growing by 16.75% as per data. The market's largest segment is the segment "Online Takeaway". Meals are ordered online and delivered to doorsteps is a most favorable concept among customers.

So, now customers are already having knowledge about the on demand food delivery app, what are the ways were customers evolve more into tech and food world. Before that you would like to know more about the roles of on demand food delivery app.
o Customer Panel
Customer panel will give you support for Easy On boarding, Login / Register by Email or Facebook, Order Tracking, Multiple Payment Options, Takeaway Option, Ratings & Reviews, Promos & Offers, Manage Profile.

o Restaurant Panel
When you are a restaurant owner, you tend to use this panel so you can manage Business Info, manage menu, alerts & orders, track payments, reply to reviews, manage promos, customer details

o Admin Panel  
The pivotal for this OnDemand app is you have all the rights to the control center management of the restaurant. From menu to the customer, number of orders and revenue information is carried out by the Amin panel.

So, what are the key benefits to using this advanced technology. To the most extraordinary, the conventional type of food delivery is:

o One is an old process of calling, selecting from the menu and place the order in bulk and pay when food delivered to your door step.
o Another way is you choose from online application, add details to the cart and make payment online. (the one which we are talking about in this blog)

When a customer feels enlighten, they re-order and recommend the services to other's but, do you know what are those features head out to attract the most customers.

* App use feels like cake walk:
Making utilization of this app to make you feel so convenient to the most extraordinary, the conventional type of delivery. The customer will definitely have an option to switch over other services but, if your application provides better user experience than, you are surely ahead of competition.

* Refurbish your layout:
Attractive colors, innovative designs, and usage pattern. The viable sizes and resolutions differ, as do the feel and visual appeal of UI components like a date picker, checkboxes, and on/off switches are important part of the application to retain customers.

* Serve the best from all Local demand and supply:
The customer's first preference is to use Local services. Stay updated with your competitor’s activities, and the preferences of people always help to catch the eye of the customer.

When your app has all about the prevailing demand and supply as much as possible. The people’s response will automatically. These will help you bridge the gap between you and the customer and create better stand in the market.

* Dependable time delivery:
When you order food one of the most obvious instinct was it has to be fresh and hot. So, time plays a major factor in food delivery application. If application promised time for 30 minutes, but delivered in 45 minutes with cold food what you think as a customer? Not happy right!

For Food delivery you have to keep little margin. Keep in mind reaching early will build relation, but Little wait will surly displease the customer.

* Tracking Is major aspect:
We can say this feature is common for any on demand but, it is more crucial as well. If a customer is ordered service, then notifications help them to stay informed. The entire process takes place in delivering from kitchen to door step. When a customer can look at every single step they cope with time of delivery.

* Social media owns major influence:
Social media are amended in our life. As a customer our most of the decisions is seized from Social media accounts. When you make an app social media friendly, you have more chances of having people's fondness. The customer will share photos, reviews of food, Location and rate the services on their profile. It helps your business earn new customers.

* Feasible payment options:
The most important aspect is the payment option on the online food delivery apps. On Initially basis, customers preferred the Cash on Delivery (COD) option because of its convenience. But nowadays with the help of online networks, users like to keep it cashless and finish the payment online itself. So, the application needs to be associated with all wallets and banks for payment.

* Allow the Feedback:
When your customer rate or review the services, they feel part of the process. Allowing users to review your product can help your business to improvise. With feedback two-way communication is possible between customer and service provider. Even your services are up to the mark feedback not making it more likeable and engaging.

Wrap up:
Till this time, we have already used this on demand food delivery. The benchmark has already set by the entrepreneurs. Creativity will help business to stand out in the market.

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