Most Popular Interior Designing Ideas

Luxury Interior Design

The importance of well-designed interiors for any space cannot be stressed enough. Be it a commercial office or a cosy home, functional and stylish interiors are not just a practical requirement but also help to create favourable impressions about the owners of the said space. If you to want to experience comfortable and inviting interiors for your personal space, there are a whole host of ideas you can rely on. Here’s a compilation of some of the most popular interior design ideas to up the style quotient of any space:

  • Light and soft colours like whites and pastel shades of lavender, green, blue, etc. which make the best use of natural light help to make small spaces appear bigger. They also contrast well with most other colours you may want to use in your interior decor, creating a harmonious look.
  • Experimenting with patterns and textures is a popular idea to create stylish interiors. Reputed interior companies have been known to use old and new elements together to create unique, yet elegant environs for their clients.
  • Use mirrors to create an impression of larger space and also bring in the feel of high end luxury interior design. Mirrored panels or framed large sheets make for stylish additions to the walls.
  • Adding plants to the interiors of a space instantly refreshes its look. Not only do plants bring in a pop of colour as a suitable accessory, they also help keep the interior clean and balance the humidity
  • Creating an accent wall helps to up the glamour quotient of any space significantly. For more professional spaces like offices, you could use leather and wood panels or wall murals for a sophisticated look. More personal spaces like homes can be decked up with a wall covered in family photos or hanging curios.
  • For placing the furniture, create an intimate setting by keeping luxury furniture away from the walls. This is also a popular trick to create an impression of larger space.
  • The space under the stairs, often left unutilized or underutilized as a broom cupboard (think Harry Potter), can be effectively turned into a home office or a wine rack. Another innovative idea is to house your pet underneath the stairs, with an amply sized space for them.  
  • Make allowance for the maximum entry of natural light. Glass partitions, huge windows, sheer drapes etc. which let the sunlight in can add to the elegance of the interiors.
  • Since metallic colours are quite in vogue in contemporary interior design, you can infuse these glimmering shades into the interiors with wall paint, furnishing, fixtures as well as accessories.
  • Layered lighting is also creating a rage in interior design. Ceiling lights, task lights, wall fixtures for decorative and functional purposes can be installed in different levels in a room to create a suitable mood for any setting.
  • Planning for innovative ways to ensure optimum functionality is always a popular idea for interiors. Furniture with storage space underneath, modular kitchen set ups, hidden shelves etc. are some of the trending alternatives.
  • For open plan spaces, there is a focus on flowing and comprehensive schemes to enforce a chic continuity. Keeping a similar colour palette for the walls and flooring, individual spaces can be demarcated with the placement of area rugs or accessories in a contrasting accent.
  • Since first impressions are important, designing a beautiful entrance has become an immensely popular idea. Keep this space clutter free yet beautiful and elegant to wow your guests. At the same time, design it in a manner that the rest of the space is in coordination with it.

These and a whole host of other popular interior designing ideas can spruce up any space to make it habitable as well as luxurious. So go ahead and use them to design beautiful environs you’ll love to be in.

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