Microsoft Power BI: Why You Should Use it

Microsoft Power BI: Why You Should Use it

With any business, systems today generate a wide variety of data. It is usually in the size of terabytes, petabytes or even more. Businesses today analyze this data to perform actionable decisions, often termed as Business Intelligence (BI). It is quite evident that the company’s success relies on the decisions that are derived from BI.

Being an ever-growing technology, it dominates all business processes across the world. And, BI services are very much successful in ensuring a personalized experience to the customers. Further, they are widely diversified with businesses leveraging the full potential of this technology. Power BI is one such technology that helps to make complex business decisions.

Power BI is essentially a collection of tools and services for business intelligence-driven data visualisation and reporting across organisations. Simply put, this tool seeks to help companies better visualize their data and share these data-driven insights with relevant teams across the board. It can also be integrated with a variety of other offerings from the stables of Microsoft as it seeks to make data easier to deal with for companies of all scales and sizes. So, come on and let us take a look at why modern businesses stand to gain immensely from the use of Power BI.
    1. Connect all your data: Among the most compelling benefits of the Power BI range of services is the ability to quickly and easily unite and connect all of the company’s data in one place. Once that is done, companies are able to benefit from improved access to their data and better organization. 
    2. Data visualization aids: Power BI comes loaded with a plethora of in-built data visuals that users can put to work in their interactive reports. The basics include a wide variety of charts that can be easily tailored. Not only that, the service also allows one to make use of custom visuals developed by other developers from the Power BI community. 
    3. Advanced analytics: Power BI allows users to leverage their advanced knowledge of MS Excel to further explore their data, find patterns, etc. To that end, Power BI comes equipped with a handful of Power Pivot features such as forecasting, clustering, quick measures, and grouping among others. Oh, and did we mention Power BI can also be integrated with MS Excel, thus saving users the effort of exporting files.
    4. R support: That it is aimed at being an easy-to-use solution does not mean that it does not offer high-level functionalities. Power BI offers support for the R open-source programming language that is used for statistical modelling, data manipulation, machine learning, etc. In addition to enabling such advanced visualisations, Power BI also allows users to add these visuals straight into the standard dashboard.
    5. High levels of security: The Power BI suite of tools also allows people in charge to exercise proper control to ensure ace management of user access and other security-related factors. What’s more is all of this can be managed from within the same interface, thus helping the company avoid the need for a different tool to manage security and ensure compliance with the requisite regulations and other required standards. Power BI also includes Azure Active Directory (AAD) to help companies leverage SSO for user authentication.
There you have it folks, a handful of reasons why Power BI is considered to be such a powerhouse in the world of data and analytics. As demonstrated via the above discussion, Power BI empowers businesses with not only interactive dashboards and extensive reporting, but better insights as well. Such an advantage, as one may be able to imagine, is vital for organizations that are planning to not simply survive in the market but also thrive in today’s cut-throat market. Suffice it to say that now is as good a time as any to tap into the potential of Power BI’s many, many tools and services to help you achieve better data insights across the business. So, go ahead and start looking for a trusted Power BI development company ASAP.

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